DS200IOMAF1BDE - Software PROM Set

DS200IOMAF1BDE - Software PROM Set DS200IOMAF1BDE - Software PROM Set

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Part Number: DS200IOMAF1BDE
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product type: GE Software PROM Set
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

DS200IOMAF1BDE is a GE Software PROM Set designed and developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark V control system. EPROM retains its data even when there's no power supply. It allows for data erasure and chip reprogramming by directing a strong ultraviolet (UV) light through a specialized window integrated into the memory chip. This procedure, known as burning, necessitates a dedicated tool called a PROM programmer, which interfaces with an EPROM burner for the process.

System Power Load Unbalance Features

  • In the realm of large steam turbine applications, the focus on operational stability and reliability is paramount. To ensure the seamless and safe functioning of these systems, specialized modules such as the Power Load Unbalance (PLU) module play a pivotal role. The PLU module serves a purpose analogous to the 'P' module, providing crucial functions specifically dedicated to monitoring and addressing power load unbalance within the system.
  • Power load unbalance refers to an uneven distribution of power among the different phases or elements of a system. This condition can arise due to various factors, including asymmetrical loading, unequal impedance, or faults within the power transmission network. When left unaddressed, power load unbalance can lead to inefficiencies, increased wear and tear on components, and potential risks to the overall system integrity.
  • The PLU module serves as a dedicated protective measure, offering both monitoring capabilities and an interface to critical components within the turbine system. It focuses on safeguarding against power load unbalance, ensuring that the distribution of power among the phases remains within safe and optimal parameters.
  • This specialized module typically interfaces with the fast closing feature present on control and intercept valves, employing three independent cards, often designated as U, V, and W. These cards cater to the distinct phases or components of the system, allowing the PLU module to monitor and manage power distribution among them individually.
  • The interface with control and intercept valves is crucial in swiftly responding to any detected power load unbalance. By utilizing these interfaces, the PLU module can initiate corrective actions to address unbalanced power distribution. This might involve adjusting valve positions or altering system parameters to restore balance and ensure the smooth operation of the turbine.
  • PLU module serves as a proactive guardian against power load unbalance, working in tandem with the turbine system's components to maintain equilibrium among power phases. By swiftly identifying and addressing any deviations in power distribution, this module plays a critical role in preserving system integrity, enhancing efficiency, and mitigating potential risks associated with uneven power loads within large steam turbine applications.

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What is DS200IOMAF1BDE?
It is a GE Software PROM Set designed and developed by GE

What is the Power Load Unbalance (PLU) module's role in steam turbine applications?
The PLU module is a specialized component crucial for monitoring and managing power load unbalance within the turbine system to ensure operational stability and reliability.

What does power load unbalance refer to?
Power load unbalance signifies an uneven distribution of power among different phases or components within the system. This can result from factors such as asymmetrical loading, unequal impedance, or faults in the power transmission network.

Why is addressing power load unbalance important?
Unaddressed power load unbalance can lead to inefficiencies, increased component wear, and risks to overall system integrity, necessitating corrective measures.