DS200IIBDG1A - IGBT Gate Driver Board

DS200IIBDG1A - IGBT Gate Driver Board DS200IIBDG1A - IGBT Gate Driver Board

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Part Number: DS200IIBDG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Driver Board
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

DS200IIBDG1A is an IGBT Gate Driver Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control management systems. The IIBD includes six optically isolated IGBT gate driver circuits, one each for the upper and the lower IGBTs on each output phase. The board also includes current, voltage and fault feedback circuits for each output phase. The internal power supply on the IIBD board provides the voltage required by the IGBT gate circuits and the shunt current feedback voltage controlled oscillator VCO. The power supply includes isolation transformers for each output phase. The IIBD board includes two independent isolated IGBT gate drive circuits for each output phase. Each gate circuit consists of an optically isolated gate drive module and discrete components.

DS200IIBDG1A Functional Description

It has three major functions for the drive.

  • Isolates current feedback
  • Isolates motor terminal voltage
  • Protects gate drive for the power insulated gate bipolar transistor

DS200IIBDG1A Board Replacement

  • The board is installed in the drive's printed circuit board cabinet. Because the cabinet contains multiple boards and multiple cables routed throughout the cabinet, it is critical that you follow some basic guidelines to prevent board damage. When inserting or removing a board, avoid touching other boards in the cabinet and breaking off the components. In some cases, you may need to remove one board to gain access to a board that needs to be replaced. Replace the board in the same position from which it was removed. And then reconnect all the cables.
  • The board has several connectors, and when installing the replacement board, you must ensure that the cables are connected to the same connectors. In order to reconnect them to the same connectors, inspect the defective board and make notes indicating the connector identifiers of the connectors to which cables have been attached. Then, make labels and attach them to the cables to indicate where the ables should be connected on the new board. The board contains a 32-pin ribbon cable connector, and you must consider how to disconnect and reconnect the ribbon cable during the replacement procedure.
  • If any of the fine wires is severed, the signal carried by it will not be sent to or received by the board. Two tabs on either side of the ribbon cable hold the connector in place. To remove the ribbon cable, grasp the connector on both sides and simultaneously release the two tabs. Then, remove the connector from the board.
  • In addition, the board contains one or more jumpers that are used to configure the board to process data in a specific manner for your drive. Other jumpers are set at the factory and are only used for testing purposes. The board's documentation identifies the jumpers and describes the jumper settings and how they affect the board's behavior.


  • The board has nine indicator LEDs that show the status of the board's processing. When lit, the LEDs are visible from the inside of the circuit board cabinet and are red in color.
  • When power is applied to the board and the drive is turned on, the LEDs indicate that the board is operational. Because the LEDs are only visible when power is applied to the board, extreme caution is required when opening the cabinet. While viewing the LEDs, avoid touching any components in the drive and avoid dropping any metal, dirt, or other debris into the drive.
  • When lit, the LEDs are visible from the inside of the circuit board cabinet and are red in color.

Handling Precautions

When testing with power on standard practices for working with hazardous voltages, plus the following precautions.

  • Use only insulated current probes and isolated voltage sensing
  • Do not probe around the board
  • Use only instruments rated for the high voltages present at the output terminals
  • Do not float on an oscilloscope

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What is DS200IIBDG1A?
DS200IIBDG1A is an IGBT Gate Driver Board that includes six optically isolated IGBT gate driver circuits.

What are the functions of this drive control board?
The function of this component is to Isolate current feedback, Protect the gate drive for the power-insulated gate bipolar transistor, and Isolate motor terminal voltage.

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