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Part Number: DS200GLAAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: Gate Lead Adapter Card

DS200GLAAG1A is a Gate Lead Adapter Card under Mark V series. Two terminal blocks with a maximum of 6 wires, two 2-pin connectors, and two 4-pin connections are included on the GE Gate Lead Adapter Board DS200GLAAG1A. Two LEDs are also included in the DS200GLAAG1A.On the GE Gate Lead Adapter Board DS200GLAAG1A, the terminal blocks are used to link the wires that send and receive signals on the board. Three signal wires can be connected to each terminal block. When replacing the board, you must follow a procedure to minimize the chance of connecting the signal wires to the incorrect terminal connectors.

  • When you first set up the original DS200GLAAG1A, you'll see a description of each terminal connector's purpose and what wire to connect to it. As a result, the board is wired to perform the processing functions that the drive requires.
  • When replacing the board, all you have to do is match the wire connections from the original board to the replacement board. Examine the original board and note that each terminal connector is labeled with a letter and a number.
  • Write down the designator to which each wire is attached on tags, cards, or other paper. Attach the paper to the wire and repeat for all of the wires connected to the terminals. Then, using a little screwdriver, loosen and remove the wires from the termination.
  • Remove the paper with the identifying information attached to the wires but do not remove the wires themselves. Connect the wires to the replacement board's terminals.
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How many pins are there on the DS200GLAAG1A's connections?

The DS200GLAAG1A has two pins on both the ME and MC connections.
The JC and JE connections on the DS200GLAAG1A each have four pins.

What is the number of LEDs in the DS200GLAAG1A?

The DS200GLAAG1A contains two LEDs and they are labeled as LT1 and LT2.

What should you look for when changing the board?

All you have to do when replacing the board is match the wire connections on the original board to the replacement board. Examine the original board and record the letter and number labels on each terminal connector.