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Part No.: DS200GDPAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: Unites States
Product Type: High-Frequency Power Supply Board
Series: Mark V

Product Description

The DS200GDPAG1A is a high-frequency power supply board designed for the Mark V board series by General Electric. This 600 to 700 W board can accept both AC and DC supplied power supply once fitted. This card can be used to install and apply to a variety of GE drives and exciters.

  • The board may receive AC power ranging from 80 to 132 VAC. If the drive is powered by DC, the sources can range from 105 to 140 VDC.
  • The DS200GDPAG1A gives the finest user experience thanks to a variety of integrated board features. A 120 VDC power supply, a 50 VAC output transformer, and a control power supply are among the features.
  • Onboard are control signal level circuits as well as protective circuits. The key characteristics of this board are an input rectifier and filter, a regulator, and a 27 kHz inverter.
  • All of the board's inputs are isolated, guaranteeing that there are no interruptions or voltage spikes. Users can check the status of the board using four onboard LEDs and two neon indicators.
  • Installation and storage specifications specified by the manufacturer for both the board and the drive should be reviewed and followed. This set of instructions will ensure that the entire system runs smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DS200GDPAG1A?
The DS200GDPAG1A is a high-frequency power supply board that can deliver 600 or 700 watts.

On the DS200GDPAG1A, how is voltage controlled?
The voltage on windings 10, 11, and 12 of output transformer T1 on the board is sensed to regulate the voltage. 

Is there an inverter on the DS200GDPAG1A?
Yes, the inverter runs at 27 kHz and is powered by the regulated bus.

How can I get DS200GDPAG1A?
Contact WOC. DS200GDPAG1A boards and other turbine control parts are available from WOC.