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DS200FSAAG2A - Field Supply Amplifier Board

DS200FSAAG2A - Field Supply Amplifier Board DS200FSAAG2A - Field Supply Amplifier Board

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Part Number: DS200FSAAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V Drive Systems
Product Type: Field Supply Amplifier Board
Board Size: 52 mm x 62 mm
Operating Temperature: 0 - 50° C
Repair: 3-7 Days
Country of Origin: USA
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEI-10086


DS200FSAAG2A is a Field Supply Amplifier Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in GE Speedtronic Drive control systems. There are 5 jumpers, a 10-pin connector, 2 fuses, and more on the GE Field Supply Amplifier Board. It is also filled with a variety of test points. A 10-pin terminal connector is present. It has parts that take in a signal and amplify it by sending it through a transistor, integrated circuit (IC), or tube that combines it with more current from a power source.


  • The FPL and connector may be found at the bottom. The fuses have the labels FU2 and FU3 on them. Fast-acting Limitron fuses are the ones used. Each of the FSAA's changeable fuses has a rating of 600 volts and 30 amps.
  • Before deciding to replace the board if you feel it is not functioning properly, check the fuses to see whether one or both are blown. If the board receives an excessive amount of current, that might occur. By preventing the jolt of high voltage from harming the components on the board and other components in the drive, the fuses are designed to protect the board.
  • The necessary rating specifications are often printed on fuses. You can also look over the documentation that was included with the board when it left the factory. Along with a description of the jumper and installation guidelines, it will include the fuse rating.
  • When you change the fuses, the board cannot be powered. So first turn off the drive's power. The fuses are held in place by clips that both connect them to voltage and hold them there.

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How are the fuses labeled on FSAA?

The fuses are labeled by FU2 and FU3. The fuses are Limitron fast-acting type.

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