DS200FSAAG1A field supply amplifi

DS200FSAAG1A field supply amplifi DS200FSAAG1A field supply amplifi

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Technical Specifications of DS200FSAAG1A

Part Number: DS200FSAAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

DS200FSAAG1A is a field supply amplifier under Mark V. Five jumpers, one 10-pin connector, and two fuses are featured on the DS200FSAAG1A Board. It's also got a lot of test points on it.

  • One 10-pin connector, Five jumpers, and a pair of fuses are included on this GE Field Supply Amplifier Board. It's also got a lot of test points on it. This amplifier Board is meant to connect to another drive component. The board can be secured with screws thanks to standoffs on the other component.
  • The holes in each corner of the board line up with the standoffs, allowing you to screw the board together. When tightening the screws, be careful not to damage the board by over-tightening them.
  • A metal surface encompasses the holes on the board, which supports to guard the board. Two Limitron fast-acting fuses are included on the left side. The KTK symbol appears on each fuse, and each fuse is a 30 amp fuse.
  • Remove the four screws from the standoffs before replacing the board, and keep them together in a safe place in case you need them to secure the replacement board. Remove all cables from the board and make a note of where they are connected. To display the locations, you may construct a graphic or label the cables with the information.
  • Examine the placements of the jumpers on the old board and copy them on the new board. As a result, the new board will behave similarly to the previous board. Align the new board over the standoffs and use a screwdriver to tighten the screws.
  • To support the drive component to operate collectively, you'll require to cable the board to the device once it's been attached. Among the four capacitors in the circuit board, two are located on the right side of the board. The remaining two capacitors on the board are positioned on the left side. The capacitors store and release high voltage during operation.
  • The five jumpers on this board are solely used to test several signals and circuits in the board during the manufacturing stage, and they cannot be altered by the servicer as the alternate location is not supported configuration. Other jumpers can be used to change the board's functioning and configure it.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DS200FSAAG1A

What is DS200FSAAG1A?
DS200FSAAG1A is a field supply amplifier under Mark V series.

How many fuses are there in DS200FSAAG1A?
Two fuses are featured on the DS200FSAAG1A Board.

How to obtain DS200FSAAG1A?
WOC provides DS200FSAAG1A boards and other turbine control parts. Contact WOC.