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Part No.: DS200FGPAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Gate Pulse Amplifier Board
Series: Mark V

Power is delivered to one phase of an SCR bridge on the GE Gate Pulse Amplifier Board DS200FGPAG1A, cell voltage data is gathered, and AC to DC control voltage is transformed.
The DS200FGPAG1A board features one sending fiber optic port and 14 receiving fiber optic ports for an extremely fast and stable network.

  • Duplex fiber optic networks are served by two receiving ports, whereas simplex fiber optic networks are served by the remaining ports. Because electrical interference does not impact the messages, fiber optic networks are highly helpful in an industrial environment. As a result, fiber optic cables can be used in conjunction with 3-phase power cables or any other wire.
  • Fiber optic links can also extend further than copper wire networks. If repeaters are added to the networks, the runs can be even longer. The length can be doubled by using repeaters. A maximum of two repeaters can be added to the network. When designing fiber optic cable routes, make sure the bend radius does not exceed the specifications' recommended radius. They may have degraded the transmission or destroyed the cables if they were tighter. The signal power can be reduced or increased to configure the fiber-optic network. This is determined by the length of the fiber optic cable as well as other factors.
  • The board is subject to harm by static electricity. Keep the board in its protective container until you're ready to install it to reduce the risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the DS200FGPAG1A's power supply do?

The DS200FGPAG1A's switching power supply converts AC to the different DC control voltages needed by the gating and status functions. P90, P40, P15, and P5 are the gating and status operations of the board that require these covered voltages.

What are the GE DS200FGPAG1A's primary functions?

For the Load Commutated Inverter, the DS200FGPAG1A performs three fundamental functions (LCI). The following are the functions provided by the DS200FGPAG1A- SCR status monitor, in which the DS200FGPAG1A accumulates cell voltage information from up to 12 FHVAs and relays this information back to the LCI control, gate driver, in which each board supplies gate power for one phase of an SCR bridge; switching power supply, in which the DS200FGPAG1A accepts power input of 120 Vrms.

How does the DS200FGPAG1A gather information about SCR voltage status?

The status circuit of the board collects SCR voltage status information from each of the 2-12 FHVA boards linked to the board outputs through a fiber-optic link. The status circuit of the board multiplexes the optical signals before sending the data back to the control through a serial fiber-optic link.