DS200FECBG1A - Field Exciter Board

DS200FECBG1A - Field Exciter Board DS200FECBG1A - Field Exciter Board

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Part No.: DS200FECBG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: Field Exciter Board
Series: GE EX2000

The DS200FECBG1A is a Field Exciter board developed by General Electric. The GE Field Exciter Board has two jumpers labeled BJ1 and BJ2 as well as an integrated overvoltage protection controller. The board's overvoltage protection controller is a component that saves high-voltage current during normal operation.

DS200FECBG1A Features

  • You must wait 30 seconds after turning off the drive for the current to leave the component before touching it. Any individual experienced with the drive's installation can help you turn off the power to the drive.
  • Electricians and services fall into this category. They'd be familiar with the power supply and power cable routing that was employed in the installation.
  • The drive's power source converts AC to DC voltage, which is needed to power the drive. Remove the fuse to turn off the power supply. While the replacement is being completed, keep the fuse in a safe location away from the power supply. No one can inadvertently restart the power supply and cause injury this way.

System overview

  • The excitation system regulates the generator's ac terminal voltage and/or reactive volt-amperes by controlling its field excitation. Normally, power for the exciter is drawn from a power potential transformer (PPT) connected directly to the generator terminals.
  • An excitation transformer connected to an auxiliary bus is another way to obtain excitation power. The exciter is adaptable, and the basic exciter and protection cores can be configured as a compound, multiple bridge, hot backup, or master - master system with hardware and software changes. The most common is the potential source system.

Exciter Operation

  • The exciter incorporates programmable dc excitation control as well as power circuitry. It provides microprocessor-controlled power to the generator field in its most basic form. This includes a manual regulation function (dc regulator) that serves as a field voltage regulator (FVR) as well as an automatic regulation function (ac regulator).
  • The ac regulator regulates the voltage at the generator terminals to a setpoint. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) function includes software-implemented reactive current compensation and protective limits (such as under excitation limit and volts per hertz limit). EEPROM stores the excitation parameters.v

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200FECBG1A?
The DS200FECBG1A is a Field Exciter board developed by General Electric under EX2000 series.

How many jumpers are included in the Field Exciter board?
The GE Field Exciter Board has two jumpers labeled BJ1 and BJ2.