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DS200FCSAG2A - Current Sensing Interface Card

DS200FCSAG2A - Current Sensing Interface Card DS200FCSAG2A - Current Sensing Interface Card

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Part No.: DS200FCSAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Current Sensing Interface Card
Series: LCI
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States (USA)

DS200FCSAG2A is a Current Sensing Interface Card developed by General Electric. A current sensing interface board is often used to measure electric current and provide a channel for that current between other board components. This is a triple modular redundant (TMR) control system for steam and gas turbine systems. The component is no longer actively manufactured by General Electric, however, it is available at WOC.


  • Self-ventilating, a closed-loop cooling system that uses a water-propylene glycol mixture
  • Full-capacity coolant circulation pump
  • Redundant circulation pumps with automatic changeover and maintenance isolation valves
  • A full-capacity heat exchanger, either remote liquid-to-liquid or remote liquid-to-air, with a cooling blower and optional redundant heat exchanger blowers with automatic switching.
  • Purity alarm monitor with digital resistance and temperature display, as well as alarm and trip contacts
  • Translucent coolant storage reservoir with cover and overflow, low-level, and low-level trip contacts
  • Deionizer system with maintenance isolation valve
  • Bridge differential pressure switch
  • Temperature switches
  • Drain valves
  • Temperature-regulating valve

DS200FCSAG2A Characteristics

  • It has two edges that are marked for alignment. These edges are notched all the way around. All four corners of the board are drilled. Two corner holes are surrounded by conductive material and labeled E1 and E2. The board is labeled with numbers such as 6DA02 and 6BA02.
  • Connectors include five screw-connected terminal strips (TB1-TB5), two vertical pin header connections (LEM1 and LEM2), and two Mate-N-Lok connectors. One connector has three places and the other has twelve.

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What is DS200FCSAG2A?
DS200FCSAG2A is a Current Sensing Interface Card developed by General Electric.

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