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DS200FCSAG1A - Current Feedback Board

DS200FCSAG1A - Current Feedback Board DS200FCSAG1A - Current Feedback Board

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Part Number: DS200FCSAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Series: GE Drive Control
Function: Current Feedback Board

DS200FCSAG1A is a Current Feedback Board developed by GE. The Board is used in conjunction with the control power supply (CPS). This board accepts the CPS voltage supplies of 5, 12, 15, and 24 volts. This model is installed in the Power Conversion Cabinet for Static Starters. This model is used in conjunction with a Control Power Supply when in operation (CPS). The CPS will produce several voltage levels during the operation of both the CPS and the FCSA, which are five, twelve, fifteen, and twenty-four volts. These voltages are produced specifically for the FCSA board and VME card rack.

Functional Description

  • The Current Feedback Board for load bridge operation. When the model is in this mode, voltages at the N15 (pin 3), ACOM (pin 2), and P15 must be verified by the LEMPS plug (pin 1). Once this is completed, the LEMPS plug can be reconnected to the FCSA. On the front of the board, there are two connectors: the CSPL (12-pin connector) and the LEMPS plug (3-pin connector). All of the connections listed above are used to power the load bridge current sensor power supply with the Static Starter Power Conversion Cabinet.
  • The board is used to collect various voltages generated by the Control Power Supply. When installed, it should be rotated ninety degrees within the Static Starter Power Conversion Cabinet.

DS200FCSAG1A Features

  • Multiple connectors, including two vertical pin header connectors, labeled LEM1 and LEM2, five terminal strips, and two Mate-N-Lok connectors, are included on this board. The Mate-N-Lok connections are branded CSPL and LEMPS, respectively, with the former having twelve places and the latter having three. Gnd, CT1P, CT2P, CT1N, and CT2N are the labels on the terminal strips, which each have a single screw connection.
  • Two polyester vinyl capacitors, four resistors, two electrolytic capacitors, and sixteen diodes are also included, which are arranged in eight pairs on the board. GE technical support items such as datasheets, user guides, and product manuals can provide more information on this board.
  • This product is a compact rectangular board with a small number of components. There are two Mate-N-Lok connectors on the board, one with three positions designated LEMPS and the other with twelve positions called CSPL. On the board, there are two vertical pin header connectors that are side by side. LEM1 and LEM2 are the names of the two.
  • It also includes five terminal strips, each with one screw connection. TB1/Gnd, TB2/CT1P, TB3/CT1N, TB4/CT2P, and TB5/CT2N are the names of the strains. Four resistors, six capacitors, and sixteen diodes are also on the board. The diodes are arranged in pairs in a single line. The metal film is used to make resistors.
  • Two ceramic, two electrolytic, and two polyester vinyl capacitors are included on the board. Codes such as 6BA02 and 6DA02 are written on the board's surface. It's drilled in a few spots, including the corners of the board. A conductive substance is used to line some of these factory-made holes. For alignment, two board edges are marked. These edges are notched all the way around.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200FCSAG1A?
DS200FCSAG1A is a Current Feedback Board developed by GE

Why is current sensing important?
Varying devices require different quantities of electricity to perform effectively and, more critically, to avoid being harmed by too much power. This is why current sensing is such a vital part of the power distribution system.

What are three stages of a power distribution system?
Electric power is delivered in three stages: generation, transmission, and distribution. Each stage has its own set of production methods, work activities, and risks.

What does TMR stands for?
TMR (triple modular redundancy) is a fault-control mechanism that employs a version of N-modular redundancy. The entire mission would be a disaster if a single indication of a critical procedure resulted in an error.