DS200EXPSG1A - Bulk Power Supply Board

DS200EXPSG1A - Bulk Power Supply Board DS200EXPSG1A - Bulk Power Supply Board

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Part Number: DS200EXPSG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2000
Product Type: Generator Monitor and Trip Board
Availability: In Stock
Product of Origin: U.S.A
Manual: GE&100168


DS200EXPSG1A is a Bulk Power Supply Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in Drive Systems. The right signals are supplied by the EXPS to measure both ac and dc input power. When the supply is activated using the station battery, it also offers a current-limiting action. The base number used to identify a printed wiring board, specifically the EXPS, is DS2OOEXPS. The board revision level is denoted by the alphabetic characters I and u in the numerals. The r digit indicates a change in functionality that is not downward compatible. In essence, it is a brand-new catalog number. Revision levels that are downward compatible are represented by the II digits. A group, which is a specific board variation, is identified by the G#.

EXPS Board Layout

Fig 1: EXPS Board Layout


  • All of the components on the board are protected by the three fuses on the board from over-voltage and other irregular voltage conditions. If there is too much voltage in the circuit, the element within the fuse will melt. In that event, the circuit in which the fuse is located will shut down, electricity will be cut off, and all components will be safeguarded from the voltage.
  • If the fuse blows, however, the servicer must establish the cause of the overvoltage problem and replace the fuse. Consult an engineer or other competent people if you are unfamiliar with the electrical supply used by the drive. The fuses' ratings can be found in the printed literature that came with the board.
  • It's critical that you only use fuses of the same rating when replacing them. Another rating fuse could expose the components to voltage, which could destroy the board if the components are exposed to too much voltage. Remove power from the drive once you're sure the over-voltage situation has been handled.


1. To replace the EXPS board, the full bulk power supply must be removed. Check for zero potential at all power supply assembly connections.

2. To remove the power supply assembly, carefully unhook the following connectors:

  • Unplug the LFTB, 1TB-8TB, DCTB, VM2A, and VM2B connectors as needed.
  • Unplug the black and white wires from the CPS PTBl and PTB2 terminal boards.
  • Unplug the ACPL.

3. Remove the power supply assembly from the cabinet by loosening the four assembly mounting screws. ACPL should not be removed.

4. Transfer the assembly to a workstation and remove the four screws that keep the plastic protective cover in place. Unplug the DCPL, 3GDPL, and 4GDPL connectors from the EXPS board.

5. Replace the old EXPS board with the new EXPS board. Set JPL on the replacement (new) board to the same location as on the board being replaced (old board).

6. Reconnect the connectors that were removed in step 5.

7. Replace the protective plastic cover and screws. Replace the power supply assembly in the cabinet. Reconnect the connectors that were removed in step 3.

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What is GE EX2000 DS200EXPSG1A?

It is a Bulk Power Supply Board developed by General Electric and used in Drive Control Systems.

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