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DS200DTBDG1A - Terminal Relay Board Solenoid

DS200DTBDG1A - Terminal Relay Board Solenoid DS200DTBDG1A - Terminal Relay Board Solenoid

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Part No.: DS200DTBDG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Terminal Board Relay Solenoid
Series: Mark V

DS200DTBDG1A is a Terminal Board Relay Solenoid under the Mark V series. There are two terminal blocks on the GE Terminal Board DS200DTBDG1A. Each block comprises 107 signal wire terminals. Multiple test points, two jumpers, and three 34-pin connectors are also included on the GE Terminal Board.

  • The test points on the board have an ID that starts with TP and ends with a number. Some examples include TP1 and TP2.
  • The IDs are crucial because the servicer can look up information about the test spots in the written publication that comes with the board from the factory. The test point ID will be used to reference the data. It will what TP1 is for, what circuits the test point checks, and what the testing numbers represent.
  • If you notice that the board is not performing as expected, consult the instructions and test the circuits that may be affected. Only a trained servicer, on the other hand, will have the necessary background, expertise, and understanding to test the board.
  • The board-testing equipment must be qualified for the job, completely functioning, and in good operating order. The tester must also be calibrated for the task, and the probes must be designed for use with the tester. They also need to be in good operating order.
  • Place the board on top of a static-free surface to safeguard it. For example, a static protective bag that has been flattened. It is necessary to have a clean and dry surface.
  • The surface should be solid, with enough room for hand tools, testing equipment, other boards, and printed instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200DTBDG1A?
DS200DTBDG1A is a Terminal Board Relay Solenoid under GE Mark V series.

On the DS200DTBDG1A, what are relay outputs 31-46?
On the DS200DTBDG1A, the relay outputs 31-46 are either dry contact or 125 VDC for solenoids (berg-jumper selected).

Which of the DS200DTBDG1A's relays are AC Contacts?
On the DS200DTBDG1A, relays 47 and 48 are AC contacts for ignition transformer power to the DS200DTBDG1A.

What signals does the DS200DTBDG1A pick up?
Contact output signals 31 through 60 are received by the DS200DTBDG1A. The TCRA board provides the inputs for these signals that DS200DTBDG1A gets.

How to Obtain DS200DTBDG1A?
WOC provides DS200DTBDG1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.