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Part Number: DS200DTBCG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Terminal Board Relay Solenoid

DS200DTBCG1A is a Connector Relay Terminal Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control. The DS200DTBCGIA has two terminal blocks, each with 110 signal wire terminals. There are also two 3-wire bayonet connections and one 2-wire bayonet connector, as well as ten jumpers. The board measures 3 inches tall by 11.5 inches long. The board can be mounted inside the drive if there are enough spaces. Because the board can connect to 220 signal wires, it's critical that you put it where the signal wires can be correctly routed. Because of the potential of interference, signal wires cannot be routed near power lines.

  • The power cables are noisy, which means they emit signal noise that can degrade the precision of the signals received by the circuit board. They also obstruct the board's reception of signals. Interference can sometimes be blocked by using shielded wires.
  • However, routing the power cables independently from the signal wires is the ideal option. If they must be routed together, the duration of the run they are bundled together should be kept to a minimum. The more the current carried by a power line, the further apart the power and signal wires should be routed.
  • The signal cables should be routed so that they do not obstruct the airflow inside the drive. The drive is constructed with air vents at the bottom to allow cool air to enter the drive. The air passes over the heated components and dissipates the heat through the drive's top vents.
  • The power cables can be routed together with the fiber optic cables if fiber optic cables are routed within the drive. This is due to the fact that fiber optic cable is impervious to interference.
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The DS200DTBCG1A connects to which terminal board?

Most of the solenoids linked to DS200DTBCG1A are powered by J8x cables, which connect to the DS200DTBCG1A first and then to the DTBD terminal board through a jumper.

Which of the DS200DTBCG1A plugs provides the greatest power to the solenoids?

Most of the 125 VDC solenoids linked to the DS200DTBCG1A terminal board are powered by the J8x connections.

On the DS200DTBCG1A, what are relay outputs 1-15?

On the DS200DTBCG1A, relay outputs 1-15 are either dry contact or 125 VDC for solenoids.