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Technical Specifications

Part Number: DS200DSPCH1ADA

Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: Mark V


The DS200DSPCH1ADA is a General Electric Digital Signal Processor Control Board compatible with General Electric Mark V Speedtronic control system for steam and gas industrial turbines. The board provides enough communication bandwidth and processing capacity to handle power converter applications and high-performance drives directly. Inputs and outputs on the board can be expanded.
  • This is a complicated multi-daughter board circuit board. Standoffs are used to place one board parallel to the board's surface, while another is mounted vertically. One of these daughterboards is utilized to provide signal scaling, buffering, isolation, and conditioning so that the digital signal processor can access and use them.
  • On the back edge of this product, there are two backplane connectors. The board has a front faceplate with numerous types of I/Os and LED indicators attached to it. A reset button and two set screws (top and bottom) are featured on the faceplate, which helps lock the board into place when it's mounted in a rack system.
  • The Board has enough processing power and bandwidth to control high-performance drives and other power converter applications. It has an extensible local I/O for direct control signal interface, and it can be reset in a variety of ways. You can access the VME control register by using the VME sys reset command, which tells the VME master bus to write to it. You can also use the power-up rest feature or the reset button on the board to reset. Two VME bus interface connectors are also included on this board, which are compatible with programmable logic controllers.
  • A removable SIMM card with flash memory and an EEPROM that may be configured on a connection on the board are also available. It has four replaceable connectors to which daughter cards can be connected for additional processing and functionality. A 60-pin connector and a 40-pin connector provide the operator with high-speed signal and power connections, respectively.
  • It has serial communications capabilities that can be used to communicate amongst several signal processor control boards. Before you can use the serial ports for communications, you must first use the setup software to turn them on and set the parameters that will allow you to communicate.
  • Please ensure that all power to the drive has been disconnected before replacing the board. Personal injury might occur as a result of improper installation practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are GE gas turbines?
The 9HA high-efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine from General Electric is one of the industry leaders among H-class offerings, and it is now at the core of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant. GE's 7F. 04 and 7F. 05 units have around 950 installed units producing 175GW of power in 11 countries.

How does a GE gas turbine work?
The gas turbine generates energy by heating a mixture of air and fuel to extremely high temperatures, which causes the turbine blades to spin. The spinning turbine propels the energy to a generator, which converts it to electricity.

What are the three main components of a gas turbine?
Compressor, combustor, and power turbine are the three primary components of a gas turbine. Air is sucked in and compressed to 30 times ambient pressure in the compressor portion before being sent to the combustor section, where fuel is delivered, ignited, and burned.

What is a VME connector?
VMEbus is a control technology multi-user bus system. The bus is a 19 rack housing backplane bus. VMEbus currently supports virtually all processors.

What is EEPROM?
The user-modifiable read-only memory (ROM) EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) allows users to erase and reprogram stored data periodically in an application. Unlike EPROM chips, EEPROM memory does not require the computer to be removed in order to alter the data.

Where EPROM is used?
EPROMs are utilized in a wide range of modern electronics, not just computers. Compact flash, smart memory, memory sticks, and other EPROMs that you can hold in your hand are examples. EPROMs are widely used to store computer BIOS.

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