DS200DPCAG1A - Power Connect Board

DS200DPCAG1A - Power Connect Board DS200DPCAG1A - Power Connect Board

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Part Number: DS200DPCAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Series: Drive Control
Product Type: Power Connect Board

DS200DPCAG1A is a Power Connect Board developed by General Electric. Three terminal blocks with three wires in each, together with one toggle switch, are included on the IOS Power Connect Board. Four 26-pin connections and one fuse are also included.

DS200DPCAG1A Features

  • It is important to consider the fuses on the board.. View the fuse on the board and make sure the element is still in place as a quick troubleshooting measure if you suspect that the board has stopped functioning or that one of its functions has stopped.
  • The fuse can be taken out and replaced, but you must first find an exact match for the fuse. The rating of the fuse may occasionally be printed on the fuse, and it may also be described in the manual that came with the original board from the manufacturer.
  • The components on the board or other boards in the drive that are connected to it could be damaged if you install a fuse that doesn't quite match. When the current is within the board's specifications but the fuse is not rated to withstand that current, you could also make the fuse blow.
  • Use two fingers to pry the fuse out of the clamps holding it in place before replacing it. Press one end of the fuse into one end of the clip to install the replacement. Next, insert the fuse's opposite end into the second clip.

Protection Module

  • For important functions, the protection module P offers a second layer of security. There are three identical sets of boards (X, Y, and Z) within, each with a separate power supply and processor.
  • Prior to interacting with the hydraulic trip solenoids, these are utilized to provide independent relay drivers and relays for each of the R, S, and T controllers. Flame detection and automated synchronization features are also offered by the P module.

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What is DS200DPCAG1A?
DS200DPCAG1A is a Power Connect Board developed by General Electric.

With which power supply board does the DC Power Connect Card work?
The PCCAG5A's power supply board is designated as DCFB.