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Part No.: DS200DMCBG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: DOS DUP Processor Board
Series: Mark V

DS200DMCBG1A is a DOS DUP Processor Board under the Mark V series. Three 26-pin connectors, one 40-pin connector, and 19 jumpers are found on the GE DOS DUP Processor Board DS200DMCBG1A. There are additionally two LEDs on the board. A reset button is also included on this GE DOS DUP Processor Board, which allows a qualified servicer to resume the board's activities without having to restart the drive.

  • The first step in the troubleshooting technique is to open the board cabinet, find the board, and hit the reset button if the board appears to be having intermittent issues or performing erratically. Press and hold the reset button for three seconds before releasing it. The board can then clear all signals and resume normal operations.
  • The two LEDs on the board are another troubleshooting function of the board. The LEDs are red and labeled CR1 and CR12 on the circuit board.
  • In one corner of the board, the LEDs are grouped together. If an issue appears to be caused by the board, you may quickly inspect the LEDs, and the information that came with the board will explain what the LEDs mean when they are lighted.
  • Checking the two fuses on the board is another simple troubleshooting step. You can immediately see the fuses on the board and tell if they are blown if the board has ceased functioning or if some functionalities have stopped working. It is critical that you only replace blown fuses with fuses of the same rating.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200DMCBG1A?
DS200DMCBG1A is a DOS DUP Processor Board under Mark V series.

Which are the connectors on DS200DMCBG1A?
The DS200DMCBG1A contains a 40-pin connector and three 26-pin connectors.

How to Obtain DS200DMCBG1A?
WOC provides DS200DMCBG1A as well as other turbine control products. Contact World of Controls.