DS200DMCAG2A - IOS Main Controller Board

DS200DMCAG2A - IOS Main Controller Board DS200DMCAG2A - IOS Main Controller Board

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Part Number: DS200DMCAG2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Product Type: IOS Main Controller Board
Number of channels: 12
Common Mode Voltage Range: +5 V dc
Maximum Lead Resistance: 15Ω
Analog output current: 0-20 mA
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 °C
Size: 8.26 cm high x 4.18 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2 lbs
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEI-100461


DS200DMCAG2A is an IOS Main Controller Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in GE Speedtronic Gas turbine Control Systems. In a turbine control system, such as those used in power plants or industrial settings, specialized hardware and software are typically employed. These systems often utilize custom-built control boards, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or other industrial control devices to monitor and manage the operation of turbines. These control systems are designed to meet specific requirements related to safety, reliability, and performance in industrial environments. They are typically not based on consumer-oriented operating systems like iOS. Instead, they often use real-time operating systems (RTOS) or specialized software platforms that are specifically developed for industrial automation and control.


Robust Hardware: The main controller board would need to be built with industrial-grade components capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions, such as high temperatures, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference.

Real-Time Processing: Turbine control systems require real-time monitoring and control capabilities. The main controller board would need to have a powerful processor capable of executing complex algorithms and control logic with minimal latency.

Multiple I/O Interfaces: The board should have a variety of input/output interfaces to connect and communicate with sensors, actuators, and other devices within the turbine control system. This may include analog and digital inputs, relay outputs, communication ports (Ethernet, serial, etc.), and possibly specialized interfaces for turbine-specific sensors.

Communication Capabilities: The main controller board might include built-in communication capabilities to interact with other systems or a central control room. This could involve support for industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC (OLE for Process Control), or Ethernet/IP.

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What is the purpose of a main controller board in a turbine control system?

The main controller board in a turbine control system serves as the central hub for coordinating and managing the system's hardware and software functions. It facilitates the interaction between various components, such as sensors, actuators, and monitoring devices, and executes control algorithms to ensure safe and efficient turbine operation.

What are the primary considerations when selecting a main controller board for a turbine control system?

When selecting a main controller board for a turbine control system, important considerations include reliability, real-time processing capabilities, compatibility with the required communication protocols, expandability to accommodate future needs, and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. Additionally, the specific requirements of the turbine control system, such as power output, turbine type, and operational environment, should also be taken into account.

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