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Part Number: DS200DCPAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

General Electric Speedtronic DS200DCPAG1A is a Mark V board that is compatible with the Mark V system. The Mark V is a later Speedtronic system for the management of gas/steam turbine systems from General Electric. This platform was constructed with features like online maintenance, built-in diagnostics, and a modular design that made swapping out broken parts a breeze. ARCNET connections allow individual boards to communicate with one another. It's worth noting that the DS200 series boards don't come with any upgraded firmware or components. Similar DS215 boards contain these components.

  • As a Control Processor Card, the DS200DCPAG1A is used. It has several reference designators, codes as C-ESS and 6BA02, and the GE imprint for simple component identification.
  • Two edges of the board are marked to allow for alignment within the rack. In each corner, it is drilled at least once. Vertical pin cable connectors (3,) integrated circuits (17,) and resistor network arrays abound in the DS200DCPAG1A. (24.)
  • Capacitors, transistors, diodes, and resistors are also on the board. The metal film is commonly used to make resistors. Small ceramic capacitors to bigger axial capacitors consisting of polyester vinyl and electrolytic material are available.
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Which connections will allow individual boards to communicate with one another?

Individual boards can communicate with one another using ARCNET connections.

Which boards are equipped with ARCNET connections?

These components are found on DS215 boards.

What is Metal Film?

A thin metal layer acts as a resistive element on a non-conducting material in metal film resistors. Axial resistors of this sort are among the most frequent. Carbon film resistors, as well as thick and thin film resistors, are other types of film resistors. The term metal film resistor is usually used to refer to a cylindrical axial resistor.