DS200DACAG1A - AC/DC Power Converter Board

DS200DACAG1A - AC/DC Power Converter Board DS200DACAG1A - AC/DC Power Converter Board

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Part Number: DS200DACAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: AC/DC Power Conversion Module
Input Voltage: 105-132 V ac
Output Voltage: 90 to 140 V dc
Temperature: -30 to 65 deg C
Manufacture Place: United States
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEI-100613


DS200DACAG1A is an AC/DC Power Converter Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control systems. The DACA module transforms ac input power from 115/230 V to 125 Vic output power. When a control system's main power source is 125V dc, with or without a battery, DACA is utilized. When the Mark VIe Control completely loses control power, DACA offers additional local energy storage in addition to power conversion to prolong the ride-through time.


Four specifically created brackets are used to bolt the DACA module to the cabinet's floor. One 12-position connector, designated JZ, is plugged into connectors JZ2 or JZ3 of the PDM and serves as both the dc output and the ac power input. The DACA internal cable is plugged into connector JTX1 for 115v or JTX2 for 230v to choose between those input voltages.


AC/DC Power Conversion Module


Fig 1: AC/DC Power Conversion Module



Through the wire harness that is connected to connection JZ, DACA is powered by ac. DACA features an uncomplicated layout (full wave bridge rectifier plus output capacitance) There is no need for extra filtering because the appropriate filters are included in the ac power distribution module.


The DACA module doesn't offer any diagnostics. A power distribution system has another location for monitoring input and output power.


The captive cable harness on the DACA is plugged into connector JTX1 for 115v ac nominal input or connector JTX2 for 230v ac nominal input to select the input voltage.

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What purpose does a converter serve?

DC power is produced by converting AC power through converters. Converters are necessary for almost all electronic devices.

How can a capacitor lower the voltage in the AC?

The traditional approach is to use a step-down transformer to change 230 V AC into the necessary amount of low voltage AC. The employment of a voltage-dropping capacitor in series with the phase line is the easiest, least expensive, and space-saving technique.

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