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DS200CTBAG1A - MKV, C-Core Terminal Board

DS200CTBAG1A	-	MKV, C-Core Terminal Board DS200CTBAG1A	-	MKV, C-Core Terminal Board

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Part No.: DS200CTBAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Exchanging Terminal Board
Series: Mark V

The GE DS200CTBAG1A is a Terminal Card from the Mark V series. It's now a legacy series part, so it can be hard to come by. This card is kept in stock by WOC as a reconditioned or new surplus stock item.

  • The GE Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System includes the DS200CTBAG1A printed circuit board. Its purpose is to serve as a termination board for the system's common data processor. This card is housed within the system's C core. Ma. Input, Ma. Output, the communication link to IONET, and communication link to ARCNET processor are the major terminal signals.
  • On the card, there is an RS-232 9-pin d-shell connector serial port for TIMN diagnostics.On each of the card's short ends, there are two factory drilled holes that are used to secure it in place. There are also seven diodes and 23 red varistors on the board. A number of resistors are also included.
  • It's critical to wear an antistatic wristband while installing this board to avoid static shock to the turbine system's components. Only experts who are trained and familiar with this sort of equipment should install this circuit board to avoid equipment damage or personal harm.

World of Controls has the most comprehensive selection of GE Speedtronic Mark V control replacement components. At any time, our experts are accessible to help you with your Mark V requirements. If you want any additional information, please contact WOC.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200CTBAG1A?
The DS200CTBAG1A is a Terminal Card under Mark V series developed by GE.

What are the input and output types on the DS200CTBAG1A?
Ma. input and Ma. output are available on the DS200CTBAG1A.

What is the number of communication links on the DS200CTBAG1A?
There are two communication links on the DS200CTBAG1A. The IONET processor is connected to the DS200CTBAG1A via a communication link, and the ARCNET processor is connected to the DS200CTBAG1A via a communication link.

What is the location of the DS200CTBAG1A?
The TBQA board contains a 9-pin RS-232 connector for TIMN diagnostics for the DS200CTBAG1A, which is placed on the DS200CTBAG1A.

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