DS200CPCAG1A - Contactor Pilot Board

DS200CPCAG1A - Contactor Pilot Board DS200CPCAG1A - Contactor Pilot Board

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Part No: DS200CPCAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Contactor Pilot Board
Series: EX2000
Operating temperature: -35 to 65 ºC
Power Supply Voltage: 25 V dc
Board Size: 23.8 cm high x 8.6 cm
Weight: 0.45 kg
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA


DS200CPCAG1A is a Contactor Pilot Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2000 Series used in the GE Excitation Control System. To control the opening and shutting of a contactor, the CDBA board supplies the electricity. 115 v is the coil voltage for the contactors used with the CPCA. The CPCA transforms incoming 115 V ac into 105 V dc to drive the contactor coil. When a contractor needs to be closed and kept closed, the CPCA card, as opposed to the CDBA board, provides the entire voltage.


CPH - CPCA power positive input test point. All test measurements must be made with isolated test equipment that is capable of measuring floating potentials since CPH is not referenced to the drive's common level.

CPN - CPCA power negative input test point.

PSP - PSP Testpoint for Positive Input to CPCA Coil.

PSN - For CPCA coil control negative input, there is a PSN Testpoint.



  • JP1 - 2-3 enables a reduction in the output scaling for factory card testing. JP1 must be 1-2 if not in the factory card test. 1.2.1 is Normal operation. The special setting for factory card testing is 2.3.
  • Factory test jumper


  • Allow coordinated operation of multiple CDBA boards
  • For coordinated functioning, connect 1 TB9 and -10 to parallel voltage (2.3 positions).
  • In order to power the 12 circuits in this circuit, a 24-volt supply was employed along with 340 ohms in series.
  • If all 12 CDBA inputs are connected together, all contractors can pick up and drop out at once.
  • 1.2 Normal non-coordinated CDBA operation.
  • 2.3 Coordinated operation


  • Coil current reference pot Pot.
  • Using test points REFA and ACOM, RV1 regulates the amount of current that will drive the contactor coil.
  • This pot is predetermined at the factory and changes according to the specific contactor that needs to be driven.


  • One 12-pin connector and two 2-pin connectors are included on Board. It also has four terminal blocks for connecting up to twelve signal wires.
  • A 24VDC socket power relay is also included on the GE Contactor Pilot Board. The CPCA card contains no adjustable hardware.
  • The terminal blocks allow signal cables to connect to the board and be processed. Some of the wires carry signals from the circuit board. Other wires carry signals to the board, which are then processed.
  • To determine which terminal to connect the wire to, use the identifier. Make sure the wires aren't loose but don't overtighten them to the point where the wires or terminal screws are damaged.
  • Make sure the relay does not strike any metal structures or other components in the drive as you insert the board into the cabinet and maneuver it into position.
  • The relay is a major component on the board that is susceptible to damage from hard handling.

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