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Part No.: DS200CLACG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V

DS200CLACG1A is a Contractor Pilot Card under the Mark V series. For installation, the GE PC Board DS200CLACG1A has one 2-pin connector, four test points, and four screw holes. There are additional test points on the board that can be used to test the circuits. The board has a height of 2.5 inches and a length of 5 inches. The screws are designed to line up with holes in the drive's board rack. When you remove the damaged drive, make a note of where the board was in the rack and save the four screws and washers that came with it.

  • Remove the old board using two hands. Hold the screwdriver in one hand and turn it with the other. Hold the screws and washers in the other hand to keep them from falling into the drive. Stop the procedure and identify and retrieve any screws or washers that have fallen into the drive.
  • The Mark V Gas Turbine Control System features triple-redundant 16-bit microprocessor controllers, two-out-of-three voting redundancy on essential control and protection parameters, and Software-Implemented Fault Tolerance (SIFT).
  • All three control processors vote on critical control and protection sensors, which are triple redundant. The system output signals are voted at three coil servo valves for analog control signals, at the contact level for critical solenoids, at the logic level for the remaining contact outputs, and at the contact level for critical solenoids. This maximizes both protection and operating dependability.
  • In addition to sensing flame, an independent protection module enables triple-redundant hardwired detection and shutdown on Overspeed. The turbine generator is also synchronized to the electricity system using this module. A check function in each of the three control processors ensures synchronization.


What is DS200CLACG1A?

DS200CLACG1A is a contractor pilot card under the Mark V series.

What are the DS200CLACG1A board's dimensions?

The board has a height of 2.5 inches and a length of 5 inches.

How to obtain DS200CLACG1A?

WOC provides DS200CLACG1A boards and other turbine control parts. Contact WOC.