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Part Number: DS200CDBAG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Contactor Driver Board
Series: Mark V
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: USA

DS200CDBAG1B is a Contactor Driver Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the Mark V Series used in gas turbine control management systems. This board interfaces the drive control to a high-speed contactor. This allows fast dropout protection in the drives. The CDBA board provides power to open and close contactors that are controlled by the DS200DCFB power supply and instrumentation board (SDCI). CDBA board can operate one high-speed contactor jumper JP2 on a revision to present boards. It provides coordination with other CDBA boards in a multibridge system. This board is powered by (75-145 V) AC/DC and the input power is fused by FU1. Contactors used with the CDBA board must have coil voltages of 30 to 40 V dc. The CDBA board includes an adjustable pot for setting the contactor driver current. Three test points are present on the CDBA board to allow checking of the REFA voltage signal and the board has a + 15 V DC power supply.

CDBA Board Layout Diagram

Fig 1: CDBA Board Layout Diagram

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What is GE Mark V DS200CDBAG1B?

The DS200CDBAG1B is a Contactor Driver Board that opens and closes the Contractor.

What Should the Contactor Voltages be When Using the Driver Board?

The Coil voltages of 30 to 40 VDC are required for contactors used with the Driver Board.

Contactor Driver Board has how many connectors?

Contactor Driver Board includes three plug connectors and a four-section terminal board for receiving and sending signals.

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