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Part Number: DS200ADCIF1ABA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Software Prom Set

GE Speedtronic Mark V DS200ADCIF1ABA Software Prom Set features two PROM modules that are compatible with several GE Mark V boards. The configuration files for a drive or other device are stored in EPROM chips. The factory configuration file is a default configuration. Editing tools are available, however, to change the setup for the site's goals.

  • A serial cable linked to the disk and to the serial port on the laptop or other device can be used to download the configuration file to a laptop or other device for modification. You can transfer it to the drive where it will be saved on the PROM modules once you've finished altering it.
  • As static damages PROM modules, you must follow the instructions for managing static-sensitive devices. The PROM modules arrive in a static protective bag. It's critical to keep the PROM modules in the bag and out of the reach of anyone who might accidentally damage them by handling them or exposing them to static.
  • Wear a wrist strap when you're ready to attach the modules. By connecting the other end of the wrist strap to a grounded surface, such as a metal support on a workbench, the wrist strap drains static charge from your body and the board. Some wrist bands contain a connector that can be plugged into a workbench connector.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Software Prom Set?
A programmed read-only memory (PROM) is a type of digital memory that allows the contents to be altered only once after the device has been manufactured. The data is then irreversible and cannot be altered. In digital electronic systems, PROMs are used to store persistent data, mainly low-level programs like firmware or microcode.

What is Serial Cable Used For?

A serial cable is a data transfer cable that uses the serial communication protocol to send data between two devices. The type of connectors used is determined by the serial port in use.

What is an integrated circuit (IC)?

A semiconductor wafer on which thousands or millions of small resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are produced is known as an integrated circuit (IC), also known as a chip, microchip, or microelectronic circuit.

Where are IC chips used?

Integrated circuits (ICs) are commonly used in electronic design and can be classified as analog, digital, or a hybrid of the two. Amplifiers, video processors, computer memory, switches, and microprocessors are just a few of the applications for integrated circuits.

What are the advantages of integrated circuits?

Small size, Power consumption is less, Reliability, Less cost, Less weight, Replacement can be done very easily, More consistent, Improved operating speed & performance etc

Where to buy a Software PROM Set?

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