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Part No.: DS200ACNAG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: ARCNET Connection Card
Series: Mark V

DS200ACNAG1A is also known as ARCNET and is developed by GE. This board is developed as a part of the Mark V series and is an Attached Resource Computer Network Board.

  • For heavy-duty turbines, the Mark V is GE's fourth commercially available Speedtronic gas and steam turbine management system. It's a triple-redundant microprocessor-based system with extremely high dependability thanks to numerous backups on all important controls and protection parameters.
  • There's also a direct sensor interface, built-in diagnostics, and online maintenance. It's worth noting that traditional ARCNET networks function at a speed of 2.5 Mbps. This permits a signal to travel across the network in less than 400 nanoseconds.
  • The size of an ARCNET system is restricted by this timing, which means it will not exceed four miles in length. When messages are exchanged between nodes for any longer than this, the system will encounter extended timeouts.
  • The DS200ACNAG1A has a tiny circuit board with very few components. The components are two transistors, four metal film resistors (R1, R2, R3, R4), three capacitors (C1, C2, C3), and one diode.
  • Two perforations ringed with metal carved into each side of the card make up the board.GND1 and GND2 are the designations for these. Two communications relay devices are located in the board's center. Relay schematics are printed on the upper surface of both components.
  • A single six-pin male vertical pin terminal connector is located along the centerline of the board, and two female BNC plugs complete the DS200ACNAG1A. The purpose of these plugs is to make LAN communication easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions on DS200ACNAG1A


What is DS200ACNAG1A?
It is an ARCNET Connection Card under the Mark V series.

How many BNC connections does the DS200ACNAG1A have?
There are two connectors on the DS200ACNAG1A, the BNC connection A is on the left side of the device and BNC connection B is placed on the right side of the device.

On the DS200ACNAG1A, where is the terminal connector located?
The DS200ACNAG1A's terminal connector is located in the center of the device.

How to obtain the DS200ACNAG1A part?
Contact WOC for DS200ACNAG1A terminal board or other turbine control needs.