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Part Number: CIMPLICITY 8.1
Manufacturer: GE Fanuc
Software Version: 8.1
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New
Country of Origin: USA

CIMPLICITY 8.1 is a Proficy HMI/SCADA Software the most recent version of Proficy* HMI/SCADA- CIMPLICITY* is a ground-breaking software solution that goes above and beyond the superior sophisticated control and visualization you've been accustomed to from CIMPLICITY. Version 8.1 is more capable, adaptable, and feature-rich than ever. The default CIMPLICITY client is the Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY Viewer. It is installed locally and functions as a standard PC-based client, accessing data from either a local or remote server. You can run real-time graphics, trending, warning, and reporting applications. Users can execute development tasks online using the CIMPLICITY Development Viewer feature, such as creating visuals and adding points to local or distributed servers. Here are some recent developments:

Cimplicity 8-1


Developers now have a new interface for interacting with HMI/SCADA applications thanks to CIMPLICITY 8.1. Users will immediately notice time and money savings thanks to the improved look and feel of the CIMEdit development environment, which is built on Microsoft®-fluent User Interface (UI) technology. The new UI adopts the Ribbon Bar concept, which speeds up access to galleries and gives users the option to design their own menus, boosting productivity.


A new graphics-rendering engine is introduced in CIMPLICITY 8.1, along with expanded runtime and development canvas functionality, transparency capabilities, enhanced gradient shading, anti-aliasing, native image support, and a pipe object tool. Users have improved visual accessibility thanks to a built-in CIMView rubber band zoom feature that allows dynamic zooming from the toolbar.

Ge Fanuc Cimplicity 8-1 Proficy Hmi Scada


Changes to time zones "on the fly" are now inherent to CIMPLICITY 8.1, which has a dynamic time handling functionality. This functionality is essential for managing numerous clients across multiple time zones and applications that are accessed globally.


Digital Graphical Replay (DGR) 2.0, introduced in CIMPLICITY 8.1, allows you to replay and evaluate previous events in slow motion, real-time, or up to 10 times the speed, allowing you to spot and fix problems and difficulties and stop them from happening again. Replaying trend data is another important feature of DGR 2.0 that enables quicker problem solving and more intelligent decision-making. providing immediate access to past data and minimal effort. You may simply improve performance and drive results with little to no development effort. 


You can link to hundreds of additional systems and devices thanks to powerful data collection. You may get data from almost any third-party device using native drivers and industry-standard communication protocols like OPC.


Change management improves system security, gives you project revision control, and offers strong disaster recovery capabilities.


To create and execute your SCADA program, CIMPLICITY 8.1 just needs a Microsoft Windows® Vista®/Server 2008 standard user account. It has undergone extensive testing to verify that it will function flawlessly when used with a standard user account and without the User Account Protection (UAP) security prompts, thereby lowering the danger of unwanted file/program access and core system problems.

For a comprehensive solution, It offers tight interaction with our Proficy software package and makes use of an open system design to safeguard your present and future investments. CIMPLICITY 8.1 is a strong and scalable solution that gives unprecedented insight into your operations—enabling higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership for a sustainable advantage—keeping you ahead of the curve with the most cutting-edge technology.
Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 are supported by CIMPLICITY 8.1.

CIMPLICITY 8.1 offers a fresh user experience and improves results by maximizing the power of your information with the newest features:

  • The lower total cost of ownership,
  • Lower development expenses,
  • Higher productivity,
  • Improved usability and ease of use, and strong analytics for better decision-making

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What are the New features in Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY 8.1?

With a new look and feel for the CIMEdit development environment, based on Microsoft-fluent User Interface technology, users will instantly realize time savings and reduced costs.

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