IS215VPROH2B - Emergency Turbine Protection Board

IS215VPROH2B - Emergency Turbine Protection Board IS215VPROH2B - Emergency Turbine Protection Board

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Part No: IS215VPROH2B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Protection VME Assembly Board
Series: Mark VI

The IS215VPROH2B is an Emergency Turbine Protection Board developed by GE. An independent emergency Overspeed protection system is provided by the Emergency Turbine Protection (VPRO) board and accompanying terminal boards (TPRO and TREG). The protection system consists of three redundant VPRO boards in a separate module from the turbine control system, which uses TREG to regulate the trip solenoids.

  • For IONet communications with the control modules, VPRO also features an Ethernet connection.
  • The emergency trip function is provided by the VPRO board in the Protection Module P. Between the TREG and TRPG terminal boards, up to three trip solenoids can be connected. TREG supplies the solenoids with the positive side of the 125 V dc, while TRPG supplies the negative side. The turbine can be tripped by either board.
  • The emergency Overspeed protection and emergency stop functions are provided by VPRO. It manages TREG's 12 relays, nine of which are organized into three groups of three to operate the three trip solenoids by vote inputs.

IS215VPROH2B Installation

To install the V-type board, follow these instructions.

  1. Turn the VME I/O processor rack off.
  2. To seat the board's edge connectors, slide it in and push the top and bottom levers in with your hands.
  3. Tighten the captive screws on the front panel's top and bottom.
  4. Turn on the VME rack and look at the diagnostic lights on the front panel.

IS215VPROH2B Operation

The major objective of the protection module, which employs three VPRO boards, is to provide emergency Overspeed (EOS) protection for the turbine. VPRO also includes backup synchronization check protection, three analog current inputs, and nine thermocouple inputs, which are primarily used for gas turbine exhaust over-temperature protection.

Overspeed protection and speed control

Six passive, magnetic speed pickups are used for speed control and Overspeed protection. The controllers keep an eye on the first three, using the median signal for speed control and primary Overspeed protection. The R8, S8, and T8 VPROs in the protection module are wired individually to the second three.

Detection of Speed Differences

There should never be a reason for PPRO's calculated speed to diverge significantly from the primary control's predicted speed. The magnitude difference between pulse rate 1 from both PPRO and the main control is used to detect speed differences.

Analog and Thermocouple Inputs

The VPRO has thermocouple and analog inputs, which are usually used in gas turbine applications. There are nine thermocouple inputs monitored, three of which are connected to each VPRO.

Power Supply

Each VPRO board comes with its own power source. Using 125 V dc from the cabinet PDM, this creates 5 V dc and 28 V dc. As a result, the complete protection module has three power supplies for maximum reliability.


The state of the VPRO front panel is indicated by three LEDs at the top. The RUN state is a flashing green, whereas the FAIL condition is a solid red. The third LED, STATUS, is ordinarily off but displays a constant orange if the board has a diagnostic alert condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS215VPROH2B?
General Electric's IS215VPROH2B is a Protection VME Assembly Board for its Mark VI system.

Which are the components on the IS215VPROH2B panel?
A power plug, an Ethernet ID connection, an IONet port (Ethernet,) and a parallel port are all included in the panel

How can I obtain IS215VPROH2B?
WOC offers IS215VPROH2B boards as well as other turbine control needs. For IS215VPROH2B, contact WOC now.