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Part No.: IS215VCMIH2CC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME Communication Interface Card
Series: Mark VI

General Electric's IS215VCMIH2CC VME COMM INTERFACE CARD is part of the Mark VI series. This range of gas/steam turbine management systems was developed from the late 1960s (the MKI) to the 1990s (the MKVI and MKVIe) with the primary goal of increasing turbine system efficiency through responsible management using solid design and the best technology available at the time.

  • The IS215VCMIH2CC board is a VME Bus Master Controller. The I/O boards and the controller are connected by this PCB. The IONet, or system control network, uses it as a communication interface as well.
  • The IS215VCMIH2CC has four-port connectors built into the front faceplate. Among the features are an RS-232C serial port, a D-style plug connector, and three IONet 10Base2 Ethernet connectors. Each of the IONet connections is equipped with three LED indicators labeled TX/RX/CD. Among the several LED signals on the board are Status, Fail, Run, and 1,2,4, and 8. The former sits above the reset button (push button), whereas the latter is just beneath the serial port.
  • The width of the IS215VCMIH2CC is.0787 inches. The design includes a TI 32-bit digital signal processor chip. The circuit board contains many resistors (over 400), capacitors, and diodes. In total, there are three transformer components. Over fifty integrated circuits, including oscillation chips, are included in the IS215VCMIH2CC. The use of inductor beads on the PCB reduces high-frequency noise (ferrite beads). The board has two backplane connectors, a 12-pin (male) vertical connector, and a slew of other conductive connectors.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an IS215VCMIH2CC?

The IS215VCMIH2CC VME COMM INTERFACE CARD from General Electric belongs to the Mark VI series.


How to obtain IS215VCMIH2CC?

World of Controls can supply unused and rebuilt IS215VCMIH2CC.