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Part No.: IS215VCMIH2BE
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME Comm Interface Card
Series: Mark VI

The IS215VCMIH2BE is a board that acts as a VME Communication Interface Card. The board's purpose is to connect the controller and the I/O boards through communication. The board additionally keeps track of IDs for the rack's boards and accompanying terminal boards. The VCMI board is available in two versions (VCMIH1/VCMIH2).

  • The Mark VI is complete integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for gas and steam turbine generator and mechanical drive applications. The Control Module, which is available in either a 13- or 21-slot conventional VME card rack, is at the heart of the control system. The Control Module receives inputs via termination boards with barrier or box-type terminal blocks and passive signal conditioning.
  • The front faceplate of the board contains four-port connectors. One serial port and three IONet connectors are included. Above each IONet connector are three LED indications. These are denoted by the letters "TX," "RX," and "CD." In addition, the board contains LED indications labeled Run/Fail/Status (located above a push-button reset switch) and four LEDs labeled 1,2,4, and 8. Screws hold the faceplate to the mainboard.
  • The board is a 6U high, 0787-inch-wide VME board. It has a Texas Instruments 32-bit digital signal processor and 256k x 32 SRAM with a 32-bit transfer architecture. The board includes two backplanes, a single 12-pin vertical male connector (p5), and multiple conductive dot connectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS215VCMIH2BE?

IS215VCMIH2BE is a VME Communication Interface Card developed by General Electronics under the Mark VI series.


How to Obtain IS215VCMIH2BE?

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How long does WOC take to ship IS215VCMIH2BE?

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