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Part Number: IS215UCVEM10A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Function: VME Controller

General Electric Fanuc IS215UCVEM10A is a part of the Mark VI Speedtronic turbine series. A VMIC control card is a double-sided circuit board with a VMIC on one side and a VMIC on the other. Small capacitors and resistors populate it, with the capacitors storing energy and the resistors removing it. This side of the circuit board also employs a wide range of integrated circuits of varying sizes, each of which stores a specific quantity of data that instructs the board on how to run and what functions to accomplish. Integrated circuits, capacitors of various kinds, and resistors are also found on the other side of the circuit board. 


  • Along with all of the connection terminals, it includes two lithium batteries and a microSD card. The board's face has three lights at the top, as well as many ports of varying forms that are labeled appropriately.


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What is an I/O card?


In an industrial setting, I/O cards are the ideal solution for acquiring digital and analog inputs and outputs from a PC. LEDs on the board display the status of the digital inputs and outputs.


How many MicroSD cards and batteries are connected to the circuit board?


There are two MicroSD cards and Lithium batteries are connected in the circuit board