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IS215UCVEM08B - PROCESSOR BOARD TYPE US2000 MARK VI is available in stock which ships the same day.

IS215UCVEM08B - PROCESSOR BOARD TYPE US2000 MARK VI comes in UNUSED as well as REBUILT condition.

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Part No.: IS215UCVEM08B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME Controller
Series: Mark VI

The IS215UCVEM08B is a PCB. It was developed by GE under the Mark VI GE Speedtronic turbine series.

  • A tiny round lithium battery powers the board. There are multiple connecting locations on the PCB. On the right-hand side of the circuit board, there are three small fawn points.
  • The circuit board's rear perimeter has two important linking stations that are employed to link to your existing system.
  • Four cobalt PCB Mount Electrolytic condensers, as well as a combination of other condensers, are incorporated in the PCB. A condenser's purpose is to store energy that the circuit board could need in the future.
  • There are various diodes on the PCB. The circuit board's one-way infrastructure is made up of diodes. The diode just permits energy to flow in a single direction. Many resistors are used by the board to vacate unwanted energy from the PCB. A large white SD card is included with the board. A large stretch of black lines may be found on the board. These are utilized to keep the cooling unit for the PCB cool.
  • On the board, jumper pins are employed to control the smaller energy circuits on the PCB. The PCB's faceplate has a lot of connection points. There is a cover on one of the ports.
  • The Individual port is labeled with its purpose and instructions for connecting the proper component. Multiple data sheets and instruction manuals have been released by General Electric to provide a wealth of information about the Speedtronic Mark VI series and its components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS215UCVEM08B?
The IS215UCVEM08B is a printed circuit board that belongs to General Electric's Mark VI Speedtronic turbine series.

In IS215UCVEM08B, what is the purpose of the condenser?
The condenser's objective is to hold energy that the circuit board could require in the future.

How can I obtain IS215UCVEM08B part?
Contact WOC if you require IS215UCVEM08B or any other turbine control parts.