IS200TRPGH1BDD - Terminal Board

IS200TRPGH1BDD - Terminal Board IS200TRPGH1BDD - Terminal Board

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Part No.: IS200TRPGH1BDD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Flame detectors :8 detectors per TRPG
Flame detector supply voltage/current: 335 V dc
Product Type: Terminal Board
Availability: In Stock
Series: Mark VI

Functional Description

IS200TRPGH1BDD is a terminal board developed by GE. It is a part of the Mark VI series. The TRPG terminal board plays a crucial role in the control and interface system, overseen by the I/O controller. It serves as a pivotal component in managing interactions with various system elements, particularly the Electrical Trip Devices (ETD), via a complex array of circuits and interfaces.

Relay Control and Interface

  • At its core, the board hosts nine magnetic relays, meticulously organized into three voting circuits. These relays act as the interface points for engaging with the trip solenoids, which constitute the critical Electrical Trip Devices (ETD).
  • Through these circuits, the TRPG effectively regulates and coordinates the activation of trip solenoids, ensuring prompt and precise responses to system triggers and safeguards.

Collaboration with TREG

  • It collaborates closely with the TREG to establish comprehensive primary and emergency interfaces to the ETDs. Together, the TRPG and TREG form an integrated system, harmonizing their operations to provide dual-sided control and redundancy, thereby enhancing the reliability and resilience of the interface to the ETDs.

Flame Detection Integration

  • In addition to its role in trip solenoid interfacing, the TRPG serves as a versatile platform capable of accommodating inputs from a specialized array of sensors.
  • Specifically designed for gas turbine applications, the TRPG incorporates inputs from eight Geiger Mueller flame detectors.
  • These detectors play a critical role in monitoring and detecting potential flame events, offering an additional layer of safety and protection within the system.


  • The I/O board assumes a pivotal role in executing the primary trip function within the control system architecture, orchestrating the activation of relays on the terminal board to initiate the tripping of main protection solenoids.
  • This crucial operation ensures the swift and effective response of the system to potential faults or emergencies, safeguarding equipment and personnel.

TMR Implementation

  • In Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) configurations, the I/O board employs a sophisticated hardware-based approach to ensure reliability and redundancy in trip initiation. Three inputs are subjected to a hardware-based voting process using a relay ladder logic two-out-of-three voting circuit.
  • This meticulous approach enhances system robustness by mitigating the risks associated with single-point failures, thereby bolstering operational integrity and reliability.

Monitoring and Control Mechanisms

  • The I/O board incorporates advanced monitoring and control mechanisms to assess the status and performance of its relay-driven functions. By monitoring the current flow in its relay driver control line, the board can discern the energization or de-energization status of relay coils, thereby determining the vote/status of relay coil contacts.
  • Additionally, the I/O board diligently monitors supply voltages for diagnostic purposes, ensuring optimal system performance and preemptively identifying potential issues or anomalies.

Diagnostics and Status Verification

  • To uphold operational integrity and ensure system reliability, the I/O board diligently monitors the status of each relay on the TRPG board. Specifically, it scrutinizes the normally closed contacts of each relay, employing sophisticated diagnostics to verify their proper operation.
  • By assessing the functionality of these relay contacts, the I/O board can swiftly identify any deviations or malfunctions, enabling timely corrective measures to be implemented to maintain system integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200TRPGH1BDD?
It is a terminal board developed by GE under the Mark VI series.

What diagnostics does the I/O board run on the TRPG?
The I/O board conducts diagnostics on various aspects of the TRPG, including feedback from the trip solenoid relay driver and contact, solenoid power bus, and the excitation voltage of the flame detector. If any of these signals exceed specified limits, a diagnostic alarm is triggered, indicating a potential issue.

What role do connectors JR1, JS1, and JT1 play on the board?
Connectors JR1, JS1, and JT1 are equipped with their own ID devices. These devices contain crucial information such as the terminal board's serial number, board type, revision number, and plug location. The I/O board interrogates these ID devices, and if a mismatch is detected, it signals a hardware incompatibility fault.

What is the purpose of the ID device on the board?
The ID device on the board serves as a read-only chip encoded with essential identification details. It enables the I/O board to verify the compatibility and authenticity of the connected terminal board, ensuring proper integration and functionality within the control system architecture.