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Part Number: IS200TAMBH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Function: Terminal Board

IS200TAMBH1A is an Acoustic Monitoring Terminal Board for the Mark VI system produced by General Electric. The Mark VI is a gas/steam turbine management system from the Speedtronic series of products. This board is called an Acoustic Monitoring Terminal Board, and it works in tandem with the Acoustic Monitoring Input Board to accommodate third-party vendors like Vibro-meter, Bently-Nevada, and General Electric. The VAMB is designed to take an mV output from a CCSA board and to detect an open connection between the charge amplifier and the TAMB using a high impedance dc bias.

  • There are two terminal boards on the IS200TAMBH1A. (TB1 and TB2.) There are twenty-four connections on each of these boards. The board features a total of nine channels.
  • The inputs control the channels through DIN connectors on the board. Each of these has a pair of jumpers attached to it. The current and voltage inputs are controlled by a total of 18 jumpers on the board.
  • On the back edge of the IS200TAMBH1A, there are two D-type connectors. Various resistors and capacitors are used to populate it.

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What is the Mark VI Control System?

GE designed the Mark VI, the third generation of triple redundant control systems, in 1983. Up to nine 21-slot VME racks of I/O cards can be operated in 40 milliseconds, including data voting.

Why is the human-machine interface important?

The Human-Machine Interface is a crucial visual representation of what is happening inside the control system. It's also a convenient approach to keep track of several occurrences in real-time. Its main goals are to improve operator safety, increase productivity, and make troubleshooting easier.

What are DIN Connectors?

Several types of cables that plug into an interface to connect equipment are referred to as DIN connectors. It features a design that consists of several pins enclosed in a protective circular sheath. A full-sized DIN connector typically has three to fourteen pins and a diameter of 13.2 millimeters.

What is a VME rack?

VME bus is a computer bus standard that was originally designed for the Motorola 68000 processor series but has since been extensively adopted for a variety of applications and defined by the IEC as ANSI/IEEE 1014-1987.

What is VME used for?

VME was developed in the early 1980s and standardized as a computer bus standard for embedded applications in 1987. It was widely used in a variety of applications including industrial, research, semiconductor process control, transportation, medical, and defense around the world.

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