IS200SAMBH1A - Acoustic Monitoring terminal board

IS200SAMBH1A - Acoustic Monitoring terminal board IS200SAMBH1A - Acoustic Monitoring terminal board

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Part Number: IS200SAMBH1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Function: Snubber Board

IS200SAMBH1A is an Acoustic Monitoring terminal board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark VI gas turbine control. The twin terminal board adds eighteen inputs to the Acoustic monitoring system via thirty-six terminals on terminal strips for a two-wire input connection. There are also terminal strips on the board with 36 terminal connections set aside for the installation of two-wire buffered outputs, totaling eighteen outputs. Typically, these outputs are used to monitor voltage signals. To defend against externally sourced high-frequency noise, the IS200SAMBH1A is equipped with passive electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters.

  • The IS200SAMBH1A has a connected metal frame that surrounds the PCB on all four sides. This frame has a top hat flange along each long edge of the board that has been drilled with mounting notches or holes, as well as other flanges.
  • Various codes, including FA/00, are written on the board surface. Standoffs and screw mounts link the board components to the previously described frame. The board is 9.1 inches by 5.625 inches in size. Air convection is used to cool the room.
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What is Mark VI IS200SAMBH1A?

General Electric Speedtronic Mark VI IS200SAMBH1A is an Acoustic Monitoring terminal board.

Where are terminal blocks used?

Terminal blocks are used to secure and/or terminate wires and are made up of multiple separate terminals grouped in a long strip in their most basic form. Terminals are used to connect wiring to the ground or to connect electrical switches and outlets to the mains in the case of electrical power.

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