IS200JPDGH2A - Power Distribution Board

IS200JPDGH2A - Power Distribution Board IS200JPDGH2A - Power Distribution Board

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Part Number: IS200JPDGH2A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2100e
Product Type: Power Distribution Board
Power Inputs: 10 v
Mounting: DIN-rail mounting
Operating temperature: 0 to 55°C
Size: 16.51 cm High x 17.8 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 2 lbs
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEH-6855


IS200JPDGH2A is a Power Distribution Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2100e Series used in GE Excitation Control Systems. The Power Distribution board provides distribution of 28 V dc (control power) and 48 V / 24 V dc (wetting power) to other boards within the control system. It also provides sensing circuitry for two channels of ac distribution. The JDPG 28 V dc distribution section is designed to accept two separate power supply inputs through external diodes. With the PPDA I/O pack, the JPDG integrates into the PDM system feedback. JPDG can support sensing and diagnostic for two ac signals, which are distributed outside this board.

The JPDG board distributes power to the control system for control purposes by receiving 28 V dc input power from external ac/dc or dc/dc converters. All 28 V dc outputs are fuse protected by the JPDG. The JPDG can run at either 24 V dc or 48 V dc for wetness power distribution. The board distributes the dc power it gets from two power supply to terminal boards and other system loads using external diodes. Bulk 500 W - 24 V input/28 V output power supplies that provide control power for I/O packs are not powered by the JPDG. Resistors are used by the JPDG to support a floating, earth-centered dc wetness power bus.


A Power Distribution System Feedback (PPDA) I/O pack can be hosted by the JPDG. Additionally, it is capable of receiving diagnostic feedback signals from as many as three additional distribution boards and routing them to the PPDA I/O pack. There is no need to send diagnostic signals from the JPDG module to other power distribution boards because the PPDA I/O pack is mounted on the JPDG module.

It is not possible to use two JPDGs or a JPDS in the diagnostic daisy chain for the power distribution system. JPDG and JPDE can only be used together once. In the power distribution scheme, two JPDEs are not permitted with a JPDG. JPDG can be combined with two JPDFs.


In a PDM-related cabinet, the JPDG is base-mounted vertically on a metal bracket. On the underside of the board, there is a 50-pin diagnostic connector, designated P2. The mounting holes at the top and bottom of the module base are used to mount JPDG with four screws. Distribution boards are often located low in the cabinet to ease grounding, but their location within the control cabinet is not crucial.

The PPDA I/O pack is plugged into connector JA1. It is secured to the JPDG base using an angle bracket and held in place with nuts threaded onto studs that are permanently attached to the base for that purpose. Diagnostic feedback inputs from other distribution boards are routed to JPDG through a 50-pin ribbon cable attached to connector P2. Input power connections include:

  • Either one or two 28 V dc control power input connections through connectors JR and JS. The JPDG has a common 28 V dc bus.
  • 115 or 230 V ac input applied to connector JAC1 only for sensing and diagnostic purpose. The ac voltage is not distributed on the JPDG.
  • One or two 24 V dc wetting power input connections or one or two 48 V dc input connections through connectors JPS1 and JPS2. The JPDG has a common 24/48 V dc wetting voltage bus. 


  • For input, JR and JS six-pin connectors are used. A steady state current capacity of 40 A at 55°C (131°F) and 36 A at 70°(158 °F) is provided by each connector using pins 1-3 for 28 V dc return and pins 4-6 for positive 28 V dc. A single power bus is fed by two redundant power supplies through external O Red diodes.
  • To provide 28 V dc power to distant JPDP or JPDH boards, four fused Mate-N-Lok connectors are available (J1, J2, J3, and J4 each have four pins). When utilizing the right wire harness, they can also power JPDL boards. 28 V dc is returned on pins 1-2, while 28 V dc is positive on pins 3 and 4. For the sake of the circuits farther upstream, each positive output is fused for 10 A.
  • To deliver the 28 V power to I/O packs (including PPDA), controllers, and other loads, five fused Mate-N-Lok connectors (JD1-JD5) with self-resetting fuses of 1.6 A in positive lines are offered. 28 V dc is applied to pin 1 and 28 V dc is returned to pin 2. The self-resetting fuse rating varies with temperature. Ambient current is 1.6 A at 20 °C, 0.9 A at 55 °C (131 °F), and 0.5 A at 70 °C (158 °F).
  • The 28 V power supply for network switches is provided by four Mate-N-Lok connectors (JC1-JC4) with self-resetting fuses of 3.75 A in positive lines. Pin 1 is a 28 V dc positive pin, and pin 2 is a 28 V dc return pin. Temperature affects the self-resetting fuse rating. 3.75 A is the ambient current at 20 °C (68 °F), 2.0 A at 55 °C (131 °F), and 1.5 A at 70 °C (158 °F).
  • Low-level signals that can monitor status switches on each 28 V dc power supply and give feedback signals to the PPDA are connected to connector P3. Pin 1 provides supply 1's status switch with +10 V dc wetness. Pin 3 serves as the return. On power supply 2, pin 2 supplies +10 V dc wetting for the status switch, while pin 4 serves as the return.


When jumper JP1 is engaged, the JPDG supplies local earth connections with 12 k voltage-centering resistors from positive and negative dc. The connection to the ground is unlocked when JP1 is withdrawn. When a floating dc bus needs to be centered on the ground, insert JP1.

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