IS200EXHSG3A - Exciter High Speed Relay Driver Board

IS200EXHSG3A - Exciter High Speed Relay Driver Board IS200EXHSG3A - Exciter High Speed Relay Driver Board

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Part Number: IS200EXHSG3A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Series: EX2100
Function: Electric High-Speed Relay Driver

IS200EXHSG3A is an Exciter High-Speed Relay Driver Board developed by GE. It is a part of EX2100 Excitation Control and provides drivers for the DC contractors and pilot relays for D-Excitation and field flashing.

Functional Description

  • Through the Exciter Backplane Board, these boards connect to three Exciter Main Input/Output Boards (EMIO, redundant control) or one EMIO board (simplex control) (EBKP). On the board are pilot relays for the flashing relays 53A and 53B, as well as pilot relays for the de-excitation relay KDEP.
  • EXHS conditions and sends de-excitation status signals from the Exciter De-Excitation Board (EDEX) to EMIO. Crowbar status signals are conditioned on EXHS and sent to EMIO from the EXDE De-Excitation Control Board (EXDE).
  • On EXHS, three contact inputs from 41, 53A, and 53B are powered by 70 V dc and their feedback is monitored. The contacts are powered by the exciter power supply. The status signals generated are sent to the EMIO.

Board Replacement Procedure

  1. Ensure that the exciter has been deactivated.
  2. Inside the control cabinet, ensure that all electrical I/O circuits are turned off before touching them.
  3. To simplify reconnection, ensure that all cables are labeled with the correct connector name (as marked on the board), then carefully disconnect all cables from the EXHS board.
  4. Remove the screws holding the EXHS board to its mounting and the board itself.
  5. Verify that the replacement board is the same type (G1 or G2) as the original one.
  6. Install the new EXHS board on its mounting with the screws removed in step 4 and orient it in the same position as the one removed.
  7. Reconnect all cables to the EXHS board as labeled, making sure they are properly seated on both ends. Shut the control cabinet door.

IS200EXHSG3A Application Data

  • The close function contactor drivers are K41 (M1, M2, C), and the flashing pilot relays are K53A and K53B.
  • The single de-excitation pilot relay is KDEP. J505, J508, and J515 are 25-pin connectors for cables to the EMIO boards M1, M2, and C. They carry similar signals and have similar wiring, with the exception that J505 is connected to M1, J508 is connected to M2, and J515 is connected to C.
  • However, J515 lacks de-excitation and crowbar signals. For auxiliary contact wetting, plugs J12M1 and J12M2 bring in 70 V dc from the M1 and M2 power supplies.

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What is EX2100 IS200EXHSG3A?
IS200EXHSG3A is an Exciter High-Speed Relay Driver Board developed by GE

What is the Purpose of a Relay Driver Module?
External relays are controlled by an internal or external power source. When using an external power source, the PXI Relay Driver Module can control up to 64 external relays with a drive capacity of up to 50 VDC or 600 mA per channel.

What is a Static Exciter?
There are no moving parts in static exciters. Through a set of transformers, rectifiers, and reactors, a portion of the AC from each phase of the generator output is given back to the field windings as DC excitations. For initial excitation of the field windings, an external DC source is required.