IS200ERBPG1ACA - Exciter Regulator Backplane

IS200ERBPG1ACA - Exciter Regulator Backplane IS200ERBPG1ACA - Exciter Regulator Backplane

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Part Number: IS200ERBPG1ACA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2100
Product Type: Exciter Regulator Backplane
Number of channels: 12
Input span: 4-20 mA
Common Mode Voltage Range: ±5 V
Maximum Lead Resistance: 15Ω
Analog output current: 0-20 mA
Operating temperature: -30 to 65 °C
Size: 8.26 cm high x 4.19 cm
Repair: 3-7 Day
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin: United States
Manual: GEI-100521A


IS200ERBPG1ACA is an Exciter Regulator Backplane manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the EX2100 Series used in GE Excitation Control Systems. The IS200ERBPG_A Exciter Regulator Backplane (ERBP) is used in EX2100 regulator control systems. The ERBP provides connectivity between all printed circuit boards mounted within it. Power connectors are provided on the front for other external boards that it supports and for fan power output. Overall ERBP architecture is not VME compliant. It provides 3U or 6U versa module euro (VME) 96-pin or 128-pin DIN backplane connectors for boards mounted within it. Power is distributed to the mounted boards through these connectors. The ERBP includes a board identification (ID) serial bus for all installed boards. The boards mounted within the ERBP contain a board ID device that is programmed with the barcode serial number, board type, and hardware revision. The board ID device interfaces with the control associated with the specific backplane slot. It also provides master selection jumpers for simplex or redundant exciter regulator applications.


  • Control Interfaces: The backplane often includes various control interfaces such as analog inputs, digital inputs, and outputs to interface with external control systems or sensors.
  • Communication Ports: Modern backplanes may include communication ports such as RS-485, Ethernet, or Modbus for communication with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems or other monitoring devices.
  • Power Supply: It typically includes a power supply section to provide power to the exciter system components and possibly auxiliary systems.
  • Protection Circuits: Backplanes often incorporate protection circuits to safeguard the exciter system and the generator from overvoltage, overcurrent, and other faults.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics: Some backplanes feature built-in monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to allow operators to track the performance of the excitation system and diagnose any issues that may arise.
  • Redundancy: In critical applications, redundancy features such as redundant power supplies or communication links may be included to ensure continuous operation even in the event of a component failure.
  • Modularity: Backplanes may be designed with modular components to facilitate easy maintenance and upgrades without requiring extensive system downtime.
  • Compatibility: They are often designed to be compatible with various exciter and generator models, allowing for flexibility in system integration and retrofitting.
  • Remote Control Capability: Some backplanes support remote control functionality, enabling operators to monitor and adjust the excitation system parameters from a remote location.
  • User Interface: Depending on the application, the backplane may include a user interface such as a touchscreen display or keypad for local configuration and monitoring.

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What is an exciter regulator backplane?

An exciter regulator backplane is a component in the excitation system of a generator or alternator. It acts as a central hub for controlling and regulating the exciter system, ensuring stable and efficient generator operation.

What is the role of the exciter regulator backplane?

The backplane facilitates communication between various components of the exciter system, integrates control signals, provides power distribution, and often includes protective features to safeguard the generator from faults.

What components are typically found on an exciter regulator backplane?

Common components include control interfaces, communication ports, power supplies, protection circuits, monitoring and diagnostic features, redundancy systems, modularity features, compatibility with different models, remote control capability, and user interfaces.