IS200EGPAG1B - Exciter Gate Pulse Amplifier Board

IS200EGPAG1B - Exciter Gate Pulse Amplifier Board IS200EGPAG1B - Exciter Gate Pulse Amplifier Board

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Part Number: IS200EGPAG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Function: Interface Control to Power Bridge
Manual: GEI-100461
Series: EX2100 Excitation Control
Weight: 1lbs 9oz
Availability: In Stock
Product of Origin: USA

IS200EGPAG1B is an Exciter Gate Pulse Amplifier Board manufactured by General Electric as part of the EX2100 Series used in Excitation control systems. The control is interfaced with the Power Bridge through the EGPA board. EGPA creates the gate firing pulses for six SCRs using the gate commands from the controller's ESEL board (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers). Additionally, it serves as a bridge for the monitoring of airflow and temperature as well as current conduction feedback. On a new exciter, an RTD is utilized in place of the CLICK on switches to monitor the temperature and produce alarms. Additional switches that are activated by fan rotation keep an eye on the flow of coolant across the bridge. The exciter may include capabilities for taking feedback from two thermal switches positioned on the SCR heatsink assembly in a retrofit that solely uses exciter controls. At 170 °F (76 °C), the alarm level, one thermal switch opens, and at 190 °F (87 °C), the trip level. These switches must potentially be retrofitted into the current bridge because they are wired to the EGPA board. A bridge over-temperature alarm is triggered if either switch opens. If both switches are open, a trip and a fault are produced.

The control and power bridge are connected by the EGPA board. EGPA manages the gate firing of up to six SCRs on the bridge using the six gate commands from the ESEL. It serves as the bridge air flow and temperature monitoring interface as well as the interface for current conduction feedback. An on-board dc/dc converter is powered by a nominal 125 V dc power source from EPDM, and it offers power for SCR gating over the whole range of input supply voltage. LEDs show the status of the output firing, bridge currents, gate power supply, line filter, cooling fan spinning, the temperature of the bridge, and alarm or fault conditions visually. Within the EX2100 Power Conversion Cabinet, the EX2100 Gate Pulse Amplifier Board performs six different tasks.

  • Interfaces the power bridge with control
  • Produces gate firing pulses for six SCR modules after receiving gate directions from the ESEL board.
  • Bridge airflow
  • Monitoring of temperature
  • Current conduction feedback interface

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IS200EGPAG1B?
The IS200EGPAG1B is a Communication interface card developed under the Mark VI system.

What are the indications provided by the LEDs on IS200EGPAG1B?
These LEDs display information such as bridge temperature, output firing, bridge currents, alarm or fault statuses, and cooling fan rotation to users.

How to Obtain IS200EGPAG1B?
WOC provides IS200EGPAG1B as well as other turbine control products. Contact world of controls.