IS200ECTXG1A - CT Expansion Board

IS200ECTXG1A - CT Expansion Board IS200ECTXG1A - CT Expansion Board

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Part Number: IS200ECTXG1A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: EX2100e
Function: CT Expansion Board
Manual GEA-S1302A
Storage Temperature -40 to +70 degrees Celsius
Thyristor Systems 100, 77, 53, and 42 mm
Availability: In Stock
Country of Manufacture: United States (USA)

Functional Description

IS200ECTXG1A is an CT Expansion Board developed by GE. It is a part of EX2100e excitation system. This model, designed as a digital controller, provides advanced functionality and seamless integration with Thyristor systems, making it a must-have for power generation applications. It is an ESYS model daughterboard, specifically the EX2100e System Interface Board. This board's dependable 28 VDC power supply ensures consistent and stable operation even in demanding environments.


  • It's exceptional compatibility with a variety of Ethernet local area networks (LAN) communications is one of its standout features. It easily supports critical communication protocols like GE OnSite support, allowing for convenient diagnostics and monitoring. Furthermore, the board enables seamless connectivity to the Customer DCS via Modbus remote terminal units, ensuring efficient and dependable data exchange.
  • The model includes a high-precision isolation current transformer that has been meticulously designed to precisely measure generator currents. It includes a third CT interface for easy integration between the static excitation controller and the customer-generator. This adaptability ensures precise generator control and monitoring.
  • A comprehensive part-specific manual labeled GEI-100775 is available to assist users in effectively operating and installing the model.
  • The GEH-6781 Excitation Control User's Guide also contains useful information about this model and its features.
  • It's important to note that the model can support up to three current transformer applications. However, it requires a compatible power supply to ensure optimal performance. Please ensure that the correct power sources are used during operation, as using anything less than the specified requirements could result in errors and suboptimal functioning.
    Experience the unparalleled performance and reliability of the Exciter Current Transformer Expansion Board, and elevate your power system to new heights of efficiency and control.

Digital Controller Design

  • It functions as a Digital Controller, intended to establish connections with Thyristor systems.
  • Its operational configuration is optimized for a 28 VDC power supply, ensuring stable and efficient performance.

Communication Capabilities

  • This model boasts extensive communication capabilities, including support for various Ethernet local area networks (LAN).
  • It facilitates communication through GE OnSite for diagnostics and monitoring, along with Customer DCS via Modbus remote terminal units.

Current Transformer Functionality

  • It incorporates a single isolation current transformer with a specific purpose: measuring generator currents accurately.
  • An intriguing feature is the provision for an optional third CT interface, enabling seamless integration between the EX2100e static excitation controller and customer generator systems.

Integration with ECTX Features

  • When deploying the module alongside a full set of three current transformers, the component features come into play.
  • These features ensure that CTs are effectively supplied, facilitating EX2100e interfacing across all available CTs on the board. Notably, the board can be conveniently mounted onto the ESYS board, enabling easy connection of a third CT input from phase B on the model.

Versatile Integration

  • The module offers versatility in its application, suitable for integration within both redundant and simplex EX2100 or EX2100e systems.

Power Supply Considerations

  • For optimal performance and accuracy, it's crucial to ensure that the proper power supply is employed when utilizing the model for three current transformer applications.
  • Adhering to the correct power sources is essential to prevent errors. Refer to General Electric's documentation for detailed information about the required power sources.

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What is IS200ECTXG1A?
It is an CT Expansion Board developed by GE

How does the board integrate with Thyristor systems?
The board seamlessly integrates with Thyristor systems to provide advanced functionality and precise control over excitation processes.

What power supply does the component require?
The board operates on a dependable 28 VDC power supply, ensuring consistent and stable performance even in demanding environments.

What does the input section of power conversion comprise?
The input section consists of a 3-phase diode bridge with input filters. It is responsible for rectifying and conditioning the incoming AC power.