IS200EBACG2ABA - Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board

IS200EBACG2ABA - Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board IS200EBACG2ABA - Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board

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Part No.: IS200EBACG2ABA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States of America (USA)
Product Type: Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board
Availability: In Stock
Series: EX2100e

Functional Description

IS200EBACG2ABA is an Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board developed by GE. It is a part of EX2100e control system. Designed by GE to ensure precise control and synchronization of SCR gating on incoming AC lines. This board utilizes a high-speed serial link protocol to communicate with the system's control processor. It interfaces with other boards such as ESYS, UCSB, HSLA, and CSLA, facilitating seamless integration and coordination within the control system.


  • Voltage Measurement: Equipped with transformers positioned on its surface, the board performs three-phase voltage measurements. These measurements are crucial for synchronizing and controlling SCR gating on the incoming AC lines, ensuring optimal performance and stability.
  • Output Voltage Handling: The board processes the incoming AC voltage signals and generates corresponding output voltages. These output voltages are then distributed to the M1, M2, and C controllers via the EAUX board, contributing to the overall control and regulation of the system.
  • Voltage Range Compatibility: It's essential to consider the voltage range compatibility when selecting the appropriate board for your system. Specifically designed for nominal AC line voltages up to 700 V. For applications requiring higher voltages, similar G1 boards are available. It's crucial to ensure compatibility to avoid any operational issues, as these boards are not interchangeable.
  • System Integration and Reliability: By effectively managing SCR gating and voltage control, the board plays a critical role in maintaining system integrity and reliability. Its robust design and precise functionality contribute to the overall performance and efficiency of the EX2100e control system.

HMI Options

  • Interface Variety: Systems can be configured to offer a diverse range of interface options, catering to both local and remote users. Whether it's a traditional desktop interface or a modern touch screen, the goal is to provide intuitive and user-friendly access to system controls and data.
  • Local Desktop Versions: For on-site personnel who prefer working from a fixed location, local desktop versions of the HMI offer convenience and familiarity. These desktop interfaces provide comprehensive access to system functionalities, allowing operators and engineers to monitor and control operations efficiently.
  • Remote Touch Screens: In scenarios where mobility and accessibility are key, remote touch screens provide an ideal solution. These portable interfaces enable users to interact with the system from various locations within the facility, offering flexibility and convenience. Whether it's conducting routine inspections or troubleshooting issues, remote touch screens empower users to stay connected and responsive.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility:GE  offers HMI systems based on the Windows 7 operating system, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of software applications and industry standards. Windows 7-based systems are well-suited for integration into any cyber security environment, providing robust protection and seamless interoperability with existing infrastructure.
  • Cyber Security Considerations: In today's digital landscape, cyber security is of paramount importance. GE's HMI options prioritize security by offering Windows 7-based systems that adhere to rigorous cyber security standards. By implementing robust encryption protocols and access controls, these systems provide a secure environment for managing critical operations and data.

Software Tools

  • Single Interface Integration: ControlST seamlessly integrates with the CIMPLICITY Advanced Viewer, providing users with a unified platform for accessing a wide range of functionalities. By consolidating key features into a single interface, operators and engineers can streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.
  • Comprehensive System Management: The software tools offer comprehensive system management capabilities, enabling users to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot various aspects of the system with ease. From configuring system parameters to performing diagnostic checks, ControlST and CIMPLICITY provide all the necessary tools for effective system management.
  • Advanced Data Visualization: With advanced data visualization capabilities, users can gain valuable insights into system performance and behavior. Rich graphical displays and interactive charts enable operators and engineers to analyze data effectively, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize system performance.
  • Alarm Management: The software tools include robust alarm management features, allowing users to configure and prioritize alarms based on severity and importance. Real-time alerts and notifications ensure timely response to critical events, minimizing downtime and improving system reliability.
  • Sequence of Events Analysis: By providing a detailed sequence of events, the software tools enable users to track system behavior and identify the root causes of issues. This feature facilitates efficient troubleshooting and problem resolution, leading to improved system uptime and operational efficiency.
  • Integrated Oscillography: Integrated oscillography functionality allows users to capture and analyze waveform data in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for diagnosing transient events and electrical disturbances, providing valuable insights into system performance and stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IS200EBACG2ABA?
It is an Exciter Bridge AC Feedback Board developed by GE under the EX2100e series.

What are ControlST and CIMPLICITY?
ControlST is a platform developed by GE, while CIMPLICITY is an Advanced Viewer software tool. Together, they offer a suite of powerful tools for system configuration, maintenance, and diagnostics.

What features do ControlST and CIMPLICITY offer?
These software tools provide advanced data visualization, alarm management, sequence of events analysis, integrated oscillography, guided help, and more. They are designed to streamline system management tasks and improve operational efficiency.

How do ControlST and CIMPLICITY benefit users?
By offering a single interface for comprehensive system management, ControlST and CIMPLICITY empower operators and engineers to optimize system performance, reduce downtime, and improve overall reliability.