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Technical Specifications

Part Number: IS200EACFG2A

Manufacturer: General Electric

Series: MKVI

Function: Printed Circuit Board

GE Mark VI Board IS200EACFG2A developed by General Electric is a type of PCB or printed circuit board that was made to be a component in the General Electric Speedtronic Mark VI series. IS200EACFG2A is a rectangular, long printed circuit board.
  • On the printed circuit board, there are four (4) transformers. The transformers are vertically aligned around the IS200EACFG2A's center.
  • These transformers have a square shape to them. On the outside, the components are black, and on top, they are yellow.
  • T4, T3, T2, and T1 are the four (4) transformers identified with the letter T. One (1) rectangular black component can be found near the bottom left of the IS200EACFG2A.
  • The designation TB4 can be used to identify the black component. The IS200EACFG2A has three (3) tiny ports on the right side.
  • Extra components can be added to the PCB via these ports. On the surface of the IS200EACFG2A, a set of tiny resistors is aligned. The colour of these resistors is solid yellow.
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Frequently Asked Questions on IS200EACFG2A

What is Mark VI Control?

The SPEEDTRONIC Mark VI turbine control is a fully integrated control, protection, and monitoring system for gas and steam turbine generator and mechanical drive applications. It's also a great way to connect all of your power island and balance-of-plant controls.

Why is monitoring and speed control required in a turbine?

Heat is generated in an atomic power station by nuclear fusion, and water is heated and steam is generated to power the turbine. To maintain the frequency F, it is necessary to keep a constant speed N(1500 RPM). The home setup is affected by changes in frequency

What is a PCB transformer?

A PCB transformer is a transformer that is known to contain PCBs in concentrations greater than 500 parts per million, or is expected to have PCBs under TSCA (ppm). EPA requirements apply to PCB-Contaminated Transformers that are known to contain between 50 and 499 ppm PCBs, or are anticipated to possess between 50 and 499 ppm PCBs under TSCA.

What are the different types of transformers?

Step up and step down transformers, power transformers, distribution transformers, instrument transformers (current and potential transformers), single phase and three phase transformers, auto transformers, and so on are all examples of transformers.

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