IS200ATBAG1B - Application I/O Terminal Board

IS200ATBAG1B - Application I/O Terminal Board IS200ATBAG1B - Application I/O Terminal Board

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Part Number: IS200ATBAG1B
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark VI
Product Type: Application I/O Terminal Board
Dimensions: 16cm x16cm x12cm
Temperature: 25 to 65oC
Weight: 0.8kg
Repair: 3-5 Days
Product of Origin: United States
Availability: In Stock
Manual: GEI-100284A


IS200ATBAG1B is an Application I/O Terminal Board manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the Mark VI Series used in gas turbine control systems. All of the signals located on backplane connectors J6 and J7 of the Control Assembly Backplane Board have terminal block connections thanks to the IS200ATBA Application I/O Terminal Board (ATBA) (CABP). The Innovation Series drives employ the ATBA board as an interface for the customer's connections to the drive. It is installed on a DIN rail (typically inside the control cabinet). External sources provide the fuses.

ATBA Terminal Assignment

Fig 1: ATBA Terminal Assignment


All connections to J6 and J7 of the CABP board are made using a single 60-position terminal block provided by the ATBA board. The connectors on the ATBA board link to the CABPboard in the following ways: J6 connects to the 36-pin matrix small rectangle connector on the CABP board backplane, and J7 connects to the CABP board backplane (24-pin matrix miniature rectangular connector). There are no fuses or movable parts on the ATBA board.


All replacement printed wiring boards from WOC are sent in antistatic bags because they could contain components that are static-sensitive. Use the following recommendations while handling boards

  • Boards should be kept in antistatic boxes or bags.
  • When handling boards or board components, use a grounding strap.


Remove the ATBA board as follows:

  • Verify that the board's storage drive has been de-energized.
  • Open the control cabinet door and test any electrical circuits with high voltage equipment before touching them to make sure the power is off.
  • Disconnect each cable from the ATBA board that needs to be changed with care.
  • Make sure cables have the proper connector name on them.
  • Carefully pull the tab on any pull-tabbed cords.
  • Loosen the screw holding the cable in place for terminal connections.
  • After removing the board from the standoffs, remove the six metal screws with washers from the six standoffs.

Install the new ATBA board as follows:

  • Place the board onto the six standoffs with the same orientation as the board that was removed.
  • To hold the board in place, insert the nine metal screws with washers into the standoffs. Tighten the screws all the way.
  • Reconnect each and every electrical connection that was broken in step 3

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What is GE Mark VI IS200ATBAG1B?

IS200ATBAG1B is an Application I/O Terminal Board developed by General Electric and used in gas turbine control systems.

How are boards packaged for shipment from WOC?

Parts are placed in antistatic packets and securely packed in ESD boxes cushioned with ESD Foam designed to safeguard electrical components.

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