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DS200VPBLG1AFF - VME backplane Board

DS200VPBLG1AFF - VME backplane Board DS200VPBLG1AFF - VME backplane Board

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Part No.: DS200VPBLG1AFF
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: VME backplane Card
Series: Mark V

DS200VPBLG1AFF is a VME backplane board developed under the Mark V series. The VME backplane for the J2 and J3 parts of the equipment's card cage is VME Backplane Board (VPBL). The J1 segment is a product that was bought on the open market.

Functional Description

The analog and digital power planes are maintained apart on the multilayer VPBL board. At each power connection in each slot, there are power distribution and bypass capacitors.

Test Points

The analog and digital signals produced by the three ac phases on the two sources (input power), as well as the positive and negative dc outputs, are accessible through sixty spring-loop test points.

Other features

  • This board is designed to be used in a rack system with multiple other boards that plug into its multiple connectors. The circuit board housing has a short front section that exposes the front side of the board and a higher backside that allows other boards to be inserted.
  • The housing has a top hat flange with multiple screw mounts located on its left and right bottom edge. This enables the entire housing to be installed and secured. Please keep in mind that the housing is separate from the board.
  • The PCB keeps the analog and the digital power planes separate. Each slot contains power distribution and bypass capacitors. There are eight VME-type connectors on the board. The card has sixty spring-loop TP test points. These provide access to both digital and analog signals generated by three phases of alternating current input power, as well as positive and negative DC outputs. There are also five jumper switches, eight stab connectors, a terminal strip, and several resistor network arrays on the board. It has five ribbon connectors, including a 34-pin connector for external exciter bridge signals.
  • Ten power bugs electrically connect the PCB to the P1 backplane. The power bugs are located on the board's backside. These components' identifiers are printed on the board's front side.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200VPBLG1AFF?
DS200VPBLG1AFF is a VME (Versa Module Europa or Versa Module Eurocard bus) backplane board developed under the Mark V series.

How to Obtain DS200VPBLG1AFF?
World of Controls provides DS200VPBLG1AFF as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.