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DS200UCPBG7A - PC Board

DS200UCPBG7A - PC Board DS200UCPBG7A - PC Board

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Part Number: DS200UCPBG7A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Motherboard

General Electric Speedtronic Mark V DS200UCPBG7A is a 486DX4-100 8M DRAM 4M FLASH Board. One CPU and numerous PROM modules are included in the DS200UCPBG7A General Electric PC Board model, as well as a single DIMM connector and one switch block with seven switches. It also has a 34-pin connector as well as a connector for connecting to another board. The 34-pin connector is connected to a ribbon cable inside the drive, and you must connect the ribbon cable to the 34-pin connector on the new board when installing the board. The ID for the 34-pin connector will be the same. It was created as a daughter card to give extra processing and other features. It is connected to other boards through a connection and is held in place by standoffs. The switch block has seven switches that are used to configure the board to fit the site's requirements.

  • These switches are pre-configured in default locations, allowing the board to perform as expected in most applications. The installation documentation that comes with the board describes how the switches modify the board's operation when this is inserted in the drive.
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What is Mark V DS200UCPBG7A?

GE Mark V DS200UCPBG7A is a 486DX4-100 8M DRAM 4M FLASH Board.

How many modules does DS200UCPBG7A come with?

One CPU and numerous PROM modules are included in the DS200UCPBG7A.