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Part No.: DS200TCQAG1BGD
Manufacturer: General Electric
Product Type: Analog I/O Board
Series: Mark V

DS200TCQAG1BGD is an analog I/O board designed for the Mark V series and a part of GE Speedtronic's line of products. The Mark V Control System is built to meet all of your gas turbine control needs. These include speed-dependent control of liquid, gas, or both fuels, load control under part-load situations, and temperature control under maximum capability conditions or during startup conditions. To fulfill emissions and operating requirements, inlet guide vanes and water or steam injection are also controlled.

  • In addition to sensing flame, an independent protection module enables triple-redundant hardwired detection and shutdown on Overspeed. The turbine generator is also synchronized to the electricity system using this module. A check function in each of the three control processors ensures synchronization.
  • Three 20-pin connectors are featured on the Printed Circuit board. JKX, JKZ, and JKY are the labels on the 20-pin connectors. The 20-pin connections are attached to the signal-carrying ribbon wires.
  • Other boards in the drive inside provide the signal to the board. The drive's other boards receive different signals. Ribbon cables must be handled with care when detached or attached since they are made up of delicate thin wires. Attach a tag or label to the 20-pin ribbon cables before detaching them to identify the connector to which they are connected.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DS200TCQAG1BGD?
DS200TCQAG1BGD is an analog I/O board designed for the Mark V series.

How to Obtain DS200TCQAG1BGD?
World of Controls provides DS200TCQAG1BGD as well as other turbine control products. Contact WOC.