DS200TCQAG1BDC - RST Analog Termination Board

DS200TCQAG1BDC - RST Analog Termination Board DS200TCQAG1BDC - RST Analog Termination Board

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Part Number: DS200TCQAG1BDC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Analog Input Output

DS200TCQAG1BDC is an RST Analog Termination Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control systems. Four 34-pin connections, two 40-pin connectors, and six jumpers are included in the DS200TCQAG1BDC. Six LED lights are also built onto the PCB. The six jumpers are normally set when the board is inserted in the drive and allow the board to be adjusted for the exact processing requirements of the site. Some of the jumpers aren't meant to be used in configuration; they're just meant to be used by the factory for quality control. They can, for example, be used to test a specific circuit, function, or another factor. The six jumpers are explained in the material that came with the original board.

  • However, while changing the board, it is also advisable to compare the two boards side by side and match the jumpers on the replacement board to the jumpers on the old board. To replicate the jumper configuration, turn off all power to the drive-by turning off all power supplies to the drive. Removing the fuses from the power source is a common way to accomplish this.
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Where does the output circuitry for DS200TCQAG1BDC come from?

Through the JB connector on DS200TCQAG1BDC, the circuitry for driving 4-20 mA outputs to the TBQC terminal board is provided.

What are the DS200TCQAG1BDC connectors?

A 2PL and 3PL connector are available on the DS200TCQAG1BDC. Connectors JA, JB, JD, JE, JF, and JG are likewise available on the DS200TCQAG1BDC.

When does the DS200TCQAG1BDC see signals from the generator and line feedback?

The Turbine Trip Board's generator and line feedback signals pass to the TCQC through DS200TCQAG1BDC with connectors JD and JE on DS200TCQAG1BDC in the R1 > core.

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