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Part Number: DS200TCPDG1BDC
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Power Supply

DS200TCPDG1BDC is a Power Distribution Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control systems. 8 toggle switches, 36 fuses, and 4 signal wire terminals are included in the DS200TCPDG1BDC. There are also 36 OK LEDs and a 10-pin connector on it. The GE Power Distribution Board DS200TCPDG1BDC has an ID given to each of the signal wire terminals. AC1N, AC1H, AC2N, and AC2H are the terminal IDs. Inspect the terminals before removing the terminal wires in preparation for replacing the board, and apply a tag to each terminal that has a wire attached with the ID of the terminal it is attached to.

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How many Switches, fuses, and Signal Wires are in DS200TCPDG1BDC?

The DS200TCPDG1BDC has 8 toggle switches, 36 fuses, and 4 signal wire connections.

Which type of ID is included in DS200TCPDG1BDC?

AC1N, AC1H, AC2N, and AC2H are the terminal IDs