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Part Number: DS200TCCAG1AHB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Control Board

The DS200TCCAG1AHB is a Common Analog I/O Board and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control system for industrial gas turbines and steam turbines. The Common analog I/O board (TCCA) located in the R Core location 5, Scales and Conditions analog signals from the (CTBA), TBQA, and TBCA, terminal boards mounted in the R5 - Core.

  • These signals include 4 - 20 m Amps inputs and outputs, RTD Inputs, Thermocouple inputs, Shaft Voltage inputs, Shaft Current inputs. The signals are returned to the SDCC board via the 3-PL Connector.
  • There are 3 hardware jumpers J1, JP2, and JP3 on the (TCCA) board. J1 is used to enable/ disable the serial RS2 32 - Port. JP2 is used to disable the oscillator for the card test and JP3 is used for factory tests.

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What is GE Mark V DS200TCCAG1AHB?

The DS200TCCAG1AHB is a Common Analog I/O Board that functions as a control board.

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Does the DS200TCCAG1AHB have a Warranty?

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