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Part Number: DS200TBCBG1AAA
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Terminal Input Out Circuit Board

DS200TBCBG1AAA is a Termination Analog Card and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark V gas turbine control system for industrial gas turbines and steam turbines. It is a long and narrow board. It has a lengthy terminal block and multiple vertical pin connectors along one board edge. Jumper switches and resistor network arrays are also on the board. The Mark V systems accept one of three-terminal boards to take separate 21 volt DC excitation power sources.

  • The DS200TBCBG1AAA has jumpers that control whether the inputs are utilized as voltage or current inputs. Voltage is internally parallel wired to the TCQA boards in R1> and R3> when in current input mode.
  • This board's current inputs can be 4-20 mA (14) or selectable between 4-20 mA and 1 mA. It includes a JHH connector for writing milliamp input signals to the TCCB board, as well as a JII connector for writing RTD signals to the same board.

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What is GE Mark V DS200TBCBG1AAA?

The DS200TBCBG1AAA is a Termination Analog Card that functions as a Terminal Input Out Circuit Board.

How many Jumper Switches are on this board?

There is 1 Jumper switch mounted on this board.

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