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Part Number: DS200TBCAG1AAB
Manufacturer: General Electric
Series: Mark V
Function: Terminal Input Out Circuit Board

Two blocks of 90 signal wire terminals and two 50-pin connections make up the GE Analog I/O Terminal Board DS200TBCAG1AAB. If you can shift the signal wires from the old board's terminal blocks to the replacement board's terminal blocks, replacing the GE Analog I/O Terminal Board DS200TBCAG1AAB is a simple task. Due to the enormous energy held in the drive when linked to an electrical current, this procedure can only be performed by a qualified servicer. Disconnect the drive from the power source that was installed to meet local and national electrical requirements. The drive is powered by a power supply that converts AC power to DC power for operation. It's also a good idea to look for the driver's emergency power shut-off devices. It is critical to have at least two people working on the replacement in the event of an emergency.

  • If an emergency arises, assistance is available to call for help or turn off the electricity using the emergency shutoff device. Remove the damaged board with the signal wires still attached if feasible, and place it on a clean, solid surface with an EDS protecting surface underneath it.
  • A flat static protective bag, for example. Place the replacement board next to the old board while wearing a wrist strap. And then relocate the signal wires from the old board to the new board one by one.
  • Each module has one or more I/O packs that digitize sensor signals, conduct algorithms, and interact with a separate controller that houses the main processor.
  • A local processor board that runs a real-time operating system and a data acquisition board that is specialized to the I/O application are included in I/O packs.
  • Local processors execute algorithms at a quicker rate than the overall control system, such as servo valve regulation within a servo module. Each I/O processor features a temperature sensor that is accurate to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • A diagnostic alarm is generated when an excessive temperature is detected, and the logic is stored in the database (signal space) to assist control action or unique process alert messages. The temperature is stored in the database in real-time.
  • The GE SPEEDTRONIC Mark V Turbine Control System is offered in two versions: triple-redundant Mark V "TMR" and single-channel Mark V Simplex, with the TMR variant having two additional controllers.
  • The Mark V control system is a well-built control system that is still in use in tens of thousands of installations all over the world. The Mark VI and Mark Vie, which are newer systems with better processing capabilities, have replaced this system.

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What are input and output terminals?
A device for entering information into a computer. It may refer to a one-way handheld data terminal used for data collection; however, "input terminal" is more commonly used to refer to an input/output terminal in which the computer provides feedback through a screen, readout, or printer.

What are I/O Cards?
Interface cards, adapters, and controllers are all terms for I/O cards. They are also known as expansion cards since they increase the capabilities of a computer or laptop. Of fact, these cards are far larger and more complex than those used in household computers and are employed in industrial settings.

How do I/O cards work?
I/O cards serve as a link between a computer and an external device, such as a monitor or a keyboard. The I/O card receives a signal from the outside device, which causes an action to be done.

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